November 4th, 2006


Olive Bars

So I'm looking for a good olive bar. Since Metropolitan Market took over Larry's, the price per pound has increased $3. I would pay it if the olives were of excellent quality, but they aren't. I'm particularly interested in something in Seattle proper, as I am carless right now.

  • bennu_

Stupid noob question time

So, I've been researching a bit about Seattle, and am strongly considering moving up there from Eugene, OR in about 5 months or so. I was talking with a friend who just moved from Seattle to NYC and she said that Seattle is the most unfriendly, cliquish place she's ever lived. Is she right, or is it just her?

Are there any movie theaters that serve beer like in Portland? I luuurrves mah beer!

I'll be up for a visit to see Wolfmother on Dec. 3 and will be there for the whole weekend. What should I not miss in town?

Thanks, folks!