November 3rd, 2006

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Seattle - I'm asking for your help...

Yes, it's me - (wave)

There is a radio contest - and the prize is a JOB at the radio station!

Now there are but 4 contestants. is the voting web site. No registration required. I am contestant #4, and would really appreciate your vote!

If I win, I want to bring some live-type events to rock seattle, and the seattle-livejournal community!

Thanks for your time,


Jefferson County legal paperwork retrieval.


This is a longshot, but I'll pay money if someone can do it.  I need copies of two case files from Jefferson County District Court.  I won't be back that way for another week.  I'll pay $20 + any copying/JIS fees to anyone who can get me them by tomorrow.

So the possibility is remote that someone reading this is in Jefferson County and coming back to Seattle today.  OR, you're in the legal field and you've got access to online resources to pull the case records over digitally and copy them (I don't know if JeffCo is that up-to-date yet though).

skank-infested club post 2006

I posted something similar last year, but I know the club scene changes often so I would like an update on the "hot" clubs at the moment.

Please recommend dance clubs that meet the following criteria:

-lots of white girls who are willing to be fondled and ground on.

That's about it. Please also let me know if there are particular evenings that your commentary applies to. I don't mind clubs with 'electronic' music, as long as the girls can compate w/ the 'hip hop' clubs in terms of sluttiness.

Examples of clubs like this are (as of several months ago):

-War Room on saturday nights
-Down Under on fridays and saturdays (although I think this club could use more white people, and War Room is way better)

An example of a club that definitely does not meet this criteria:

-The Baltic Room on Fridays


Please do not comment if you were at some club like 4 years ago and got fingered on the dance floor and don't even remember what day of the week it was. I would like the recommendations to be current.

Thank you,
Street Person