October 31st, 2006

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The other night I watched a cop hit a pedestrian with his car. My friend and I hung around for awhile and tried to give our statements to the responding police officers (hi, there were like 3 other cop cars within a minute plus a paramedic. I wish the cops responded that quickly when I call them from my work on a weekly basis). Not surprisingly, none of the cops wanted statements. The smiled, said thank you, and didn't bother getting our names or numbers. I wanted to give the woman my name and number but the cops were hovering around her. If anyone knows her, and if she needs any witnesses, have her e-mail me at existentialfruit at yahoo dot com.
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I did check the memories but I'm looking for something a bit more specific.

Can anyone recommend me a hotel?

Here's what I'm looking for...

fancy, upscale, huge suite, view

Price is not an issue.

Thanks for any info you can give!
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Temporary Foster Home Resources for Dogs?

I wanted to check with the community and see if anyone knew anything about foster homes that will take in a pet temporarily but return it to the owner?

I know it's standard policy for most animal groups not to allow temporary care. (I used to vollunteer for one.)

This is why I ask.

I've got a completely weak heart when it comes to dogs. I am seriously considering trying to take the dog in for a couple of nights while it's really cold this week - but - really - my one bedroom is too small for my dog and kitten as it is.
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