October 30th, 2006

  • moliere

Systems Department Project Manager

Use your project management skills and knowledge of lighting and sound in an Industry leading and team-oriented Northwest company.

PNTA is expanding its staff and scope, offering exciting opportunities for a skilled project manager to spec lighting and sound systems, develop bids and proposals, and manage projects to completion. This family-owned business provides sales, rental and service products in support of clients aiming to engage, enlighten and entertain their audiences in a range of markets.

Expert knowledge of theatrical lighting and sound systems, effective project management and an eye for details, as well as strong interpersonal skills are required.

No phone calls, please. Mail, fax or email cover letter and resume.

206-267-1789 (f)
615 S. Alaska St.
Seattle WA 98108

From our humble beginning in 1975 as the local, Seattle-area supplier of theatrical equipment and consumables, PNTA (formerly known as Pacific Northwest Theatre Associates) has expanded our staff and capabilities over the years to provide a wealth of services for customers across the country.

For more, check us out at www.pnta.com
  • kowboy

Glazer recommendations?

Hi Everyone,

I checked the memories, but only found entries for Glazer cameras when I attempted to see if anyone had ever asked about a glazer in the Seattle area. All we need to do is have three or four panes of glass replaced in our custom craftsman style windows this winter. We're not looking to replace the windows. We just want to replace the current glass with simple single panes for right now.

We'd orginally looked at doing it ourselves using glass from windows purchased at a salvage yard. But after cracking a different pane while attempting to remove old putty, we decided to bring in professionals.

Any recommendations?

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don't know how this will work, but here's a try:

i left my Gamepark Holdings GP2X game/media player on the 4 route bus Saturday night (10/28/06), around 10pm.  called Metro Transit Lost & Found, they didn't have it.  i'm going to keep checking in there, but seeing as how even cheap, large items i've left on an empty bus near the end of its route (e.g. a military surplus jacket) hadn't ever turned up in the l&r, i'm not holding out too much hope.  anyways.  if you see one turn up in a pawn shop or elsewhere suspicious, let me know... this isn't a common device - they're made in South Korea and you need to order it online from an importer -  and i've yet to meet anyone in this city that owns one.  reward offered.

frowny face here  :(

FOUND - Digital camera

Hey folks,
We had a digital camera left after a Paradox show a couple weeks ago - at our Jason Anderson / Jason Webley show on 10/19. If you know of someone who might have misplaced it, please tell them to get in touch with me: alicia at the paradox dot org.
There's photos on the camera, and I'll need you to describe what's stored in the memory.

Amsterdam Shoe


Is anyone else having trouble with Sprint today?

I'm in Redmond and when I try to dial out, I keep getting a message that says SVC not available...please try analog.

After Dark Horrofest

So I know that there are quite a few of you in Seattle that want to see this: http://www.horrorfestonline.com but it seems that Spokane is the only city in Washington currently mentioned on the page.

I found an email address to get in touch with the fine people responsible for booking this event. I thought maybe some of you would like to suggest adding a Seattle show to the lineup.

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  • roberrr

Toto's in Maple Leaf Wrecked

Sunday morning, a car crashed into the front end of an Italian restaurant in my old neighborhood of Maple Leaf, at the corner of Lake City Way and 15th:

Seattle Times article

I hope the restaurant survives - it wasn't half bad, a neat little corner restaurant, the kind every neighborhood needs.

The intersection is a dangerous one, and like many in Seattle, it needs an upgrade, or some serious rethinking. Yet, as in other American cities, the city is too strapped for funds to do this - and when city leaders propose a resolution to that problem, idiots come out of the woodwork to denounce the plan.

So, either we can pony up another $140 a year in taxes, or continue to have unsafe intersections and lose small businesses, the backbone of every vibrant neighborhood.

Sadly, I know which option Seattle will choose...