October 29th, 2006


MotoGP today

Where can I watch the final race of the MotoGP (motorcycle racing) season today?? It begins at 3:30 on SpeedTV which I don't get through my cable provider.

Are there any establishments which would be showing such a thing?

  • docjeff


No, not the team or their lethargic playing - the website. WTF? It's all Flash now. I can't even check the fricking scores without having Flash. What is the point of Flash on that site anyway? Stupid web designers... Screw them and the Flash whose ass they keep licking

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oh my legs
  • ninaf


I am at the top of the pass where the traffic is bumper to bumper. It's blizzard like.

The news keeps saying there are a bunch of accidents in Seattle. What is happening there?

Edit: I took me over 5 hours to get home. The pass was closed right after.