October 27th, 2006

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Visiting from the North

I just checked your links and they were useful, but I have a couple more questions.
I'm coming down from Victoria on Monday to celeberate my 21st birthday with my Dad. Since I'll be 20 until mid-night we're looking for some all ages entertainment. We found the My Morning Jacket - Okonoks film, and that sort of tops our list, so here's the first 2 questions.
1. Has anyone heard if it's sold out? We've tried emailing and calling, but to no avail, and we can't pre-order tickets with out american accounts.
2. Are there any other notable all age events happening Monday evening?

Also, we're looking for a Hotel to stay at, and were thinking just north of the U of W.
3. Is that a decent area?

Lastly, 21 is the legal age in the states, but 4. when does that come into effect? We have some places that let you in at midnight the second you turn legal, and some places make you wait until the evining of your birthday. So I'm 21 on the 31 of Oct. Will they let me into a bar or pub at 12:01 am Oct. 31?
...and to continue with that thought, 5. any good pubs near the U of W? We found an irish one (we like the irish stuff) online, but theres no real way to translate how a place is over the web.
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mobile auto glass repair?

Does anybody know if there are any mobile auto glass repair shops near Microsoft? My car was broken into last night and I'm at work and was hoping that there might be some place I could call, have them come out to the office, and then fix my car on-site. I know these places exist, but I'm not sure how to go about finding them. I've been Googling this morning already but I'm not finding much in the way of mobile services...

ETA: Found a mobile repair service! Nevermind!

On a similar note: does anybody know of or have personal experience with any safe garages in the Capitol Hill area? I live at Summit & Pike and my car was parked in front of the Cha Cha last night (overnight), and that's where it was broken into. I generally park in a two-three block radius of that intersection and so now I'm freaked out about leaving my car on the street. There's a rooftop lot across the street from my complex, but the management company keeps telling me it's full despite that I hardly ever see cars parked there. I know break-ins can happen anywhere, but still, I think I'd sleep better at night knowing my car was tucked away in a garage.

Thanks in advance for any advice! Also, thanks so much for all your previous help with the Russian research!
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CPA needed for tax purposes

I checked the memories under "Financial" and "Services" and couldn't find any recommendations at all - and I'm looking for personal recommendations, so I won't be checking Google.

I need a tax accountant - someone who can handle a little bit of leftover overseas tax computation (most of it was taken care of with this year's filing but there was a little bit of work done in Australia at the beginning of this year) as well as filing quarterly estimated tax for someone who is self-employed. Knowing all the appropriate deductions and getting a great return is important. ;) I have an accountant in California, but he's hard to get ahold of, pricier than I think is worth it, and leaves everything to the last minute for us, which stresses me out.

Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
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girlie drinks in seattle

any recommendations on places in seattle/north end that have a good selection of "girlie drinks"?

we're going out for a girls night and the other ladies are voting for bahama breeze, but i absolutely refuse to drive down to south center for over-cooked, over-priced, mediocre (at best) food.

where do ya'll go for tropical fruits, blenders, malibu rum, and umbrellas around here?

EDIT: i'm not really down with the belltown scene, but open to most other neighborhoods. Thanks!
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(no subject)

Anybody watch "Take Home Chef" on TLC? Well, today they were filming in my store for an upcoming episode and apparently I'm in one of the scenes because they made me sign a waiver. Anyway, if you like shows filmed in Seattle about a chef picking up women in supermarkets and then making them dinner, keep your eyes peeled.

Rachael Ray or that Italian girl on Food Network would have been so much better.
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