October 26th, 2006


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Your kind assistance is very much appreciated - I am at my wits' end. Has anyone seen frickin' black and orange jellybeans for sale? You know, classic Halloween candy? I can't find them anywhere, and it seems like the most obvious thing in the world.
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respite work

as mentioned a few months back - ive finally relocated to the Seattle area - and am looking for some information about personal care/respite work with autistic - or learning disabled children. Ive been doing this for the last 5 years through a state organized program in Vermont - but as I understand there is no such program here...

any interest or info?

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My work group had plans for a team-building exercise at Jillian's in Seattle today, and for various reasons, those plans fell apart. Our event was for 10 people at 7:00, and was for food and two pool tables.

So now we're scrambling to find another place for this team-building. Does anyone know of a place in Eastside or Seattle that can handle short-notice reservations?

Website Design?

Hey y'all-

I'm in need of a website designer for my bike race/charity/birthday party event coming up 1.20.07 . Would anyone be interested in building and hosting a simple site for the event? A stand-alone piece of realestate on teh internets would go a long way in bringing in more sponsors. So far, with only minimal effort exuded, we have one significant sponsor on board. More to follow, for sure.

I'm willing to compensate, but with the holidays coming up and my general poverty it wouldn't be much. Great chance to get exposure though, I'll be pimping your site out heavilly.

More details are available on my LJ, and via
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Bellevue Dentists & Orthodontists

I need a new dentist, and, sadly enough, an orthodontist. My health plan has about 60 dentists in Bellevue. Of those, I have determined that 9 are authorized to prescribed and work with Invisalign braces. So now I'm looking for info on those 9. Has anybody seen any of these dentists?

Dr Aaron Cooley
Dr Drandon Cooley
Dr Hamid Ghorbani
Dr Eugene Hsu
Dr John A. Johnson
Dr David A Knopf
Dr Lauren Lazar
Dr Neda Sayyah

Listed as a "periodontist":
Dr Curtis E Carlson
(Actually I'm not entirely sure what a periodontist is, but periodontia has better coverage under my plan than orthodontia.)

On the flip side, does anyone know of any other excellent invisalign-qualified orthodontists in the Bellevue area?

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Hemp and Bead Stores

I am looking for some good bead shops in the area and also places to buy hemp. Yes I know I can use google, and I did, but I specifically am looking for places to buy hemp to make necklaces etc. thought I would run it by all you. Thanks in advance
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Pub Nubbin

Beginning this evening, and on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays hereafter, Cafe Dharwin is open until 9pm. They have also aquired liscensure to vend spirits, making this charming, comfy nook a great way to start the weekend, or a night out. Visit, won't you?

(Cafe Dharwin is across from the Ronaoke Pub, south of Roanoke Park. They feature local visual artists, friendly baristas and pastries, hand-hewn elegance, and now... spirits.)