October 23rd, 2006

  • tfox

Emerald City Lounge @ www.emeraldcitylounge.net

In the interest of bringing together members of the seattle community, I have set up The Emerald City Lounge, an online forum where people in the seattle area (and beyond) can share discussion, ideas, and information. Or just photos of your cat.

Being a community site, it's my goal to support the site to be community-driven. It's new, so feedback is appreciated. Come have some fun with us!

EDIT: Fixed.

Seattle's new slogan has made the AP Odd News on Yahoo.

Seattle unveils slogan: 'metronatural'
Sat Oct 21, 5:08 AM ET

SEATTLE - When Washington state announced its new tourism slogan last spring, Pike Place Market vendor Kenny Telesco was willing to give it a chance. He practiced saying it with "jazz hands" and asked tourists to "SayWA" as they posed for photos. But he's not sure he can stomach Seattle's new tourism slogan, unveiled Friday in 18-foot-tall letters atop the Space Needle: "metronatural."

M o'pleez

Does anyone know of a place that sells M o'pleez Spicy Potato snacks here in Seattle? They are these little 'pillows' made out of potato flour and are produced by an Indian company. I tried using the power of Google and came up with nothing but more confusion. I know that Haldrims distributes this product but their website was of no help. Thanks in advance if anyone can turn anything up!