October 21st, 2006

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the monorail will never die

According to the P-I, the Seattle Monorail Project collected $490,000 more in taxes than it needed to, and the project's board is now pondering what to do with said money. It seems that "in the three-plus years a 1.4% tax to fund the now-defunct project was collected, many of the 30,000 vehicle owners paid four times, instead of three."

Some board members have the crazy notion of giving the money back to the taxpayers who paid too much. Other members, however, want to take the money they collected after the public voted to kill this monorail project and give it to the City to use on the other (and presently non-functioning) monorail.

If you think one of these ideas is ridiculous and/or illegal, I think you should contact the board members. Call them at 206-382-1220, or email them. Rick Sundberg is apparently the main proponent of giving the money to the City, though CFO Jonathan Buchter also considers the notion "consistent with the project's initial mission." You know, the mission most of us thought was nullified by that last vote. God love this city and its politicians.
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Tractors and construction equipment have appeared in the parking lot of the old Safeway on Stone Way and 40th, across from the 7-11. Anyone know what they're doing there? Please don't say they're going to build more condos.

PC Repair Shop?

Can anyone recommend a good PC repair shop in the area?

My CMOS battery is dying and I don't feel comfortable replacing it myself. This if for a Dell Inspiron 600m that is out of warranty. I contacted Dell and they said I need to replace the motherboard? Um, I don't think that's necessary.

I checked the memories and tags for this community and didn't find any repair shops mentioned.
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pumpkin patches

Does anyone know of any good pumpkin patches on the East side?

I grew up in Portland and we have Sauvie's island, which is basically an island of family owned pumpkin patches. I've never gotten a pumpkin from the store, and I'd like to not have to start now. There's just something nice about going to a pumpkin patch and tromping around in the mud and finding the perfect pumpkin. One that sells fruits and vegetable, and maybe has a corn maze, or a hay ride would also be nice.

I heard there were some way the fuck up by Everett, but I'm in Bellevue and don't want to go up that far. Maybe as low as Renton, or at high as Kirkland.

Any suggestions?
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HRG housing

has anyone rented from the HRG properties John Winthrop Apartments or The Cambridge? I'm considering both, but I haven't yet had a chance to take a look inside the apartments yet, but I'm curious to know what people's experiences have been with the two.

I have a car, so it looks like parking might be easier for the area immediately around The Cambridge, but it also seems like John Winthrop doesn't look nearly as "project" housing as The Cambridge.

any thoughts from anyone?


Event- Alice Hom

The Q Center and its affiliates proudly present:

Tuesday Oct. 24th, 6pm
University of Washington campus, Johnson Hall, room 102

ALICE Y. HOM, History, Claremont Graduate University
Asian-American Queer Community Organizer and Scholar

on the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality.

Alice Hom founded the Intercultural Community Center at Occidental College and sits on the boards of Aisual Communications, an Asian American media arts organization, and Astreara Lesbian Foundation for Justice. Alice has published in Amerasia Journal, the Journal of Asian American Studies, and co-edited an award-winning anthology entitled "Q&A: Queer in Asian America."

For more information contact:
The Q Center