October 19th, 2006

Wolf  - Moonlit Forrest

Looking for good local theatre?

I just wanted to pass on that The Diva Daughters Dupree, which opened October 6th, is still going strong and will be playing through November 5th.

The comedy runs a little over 2 hours and shows at 7:30pm Thursdays-Sundays with matinees at 2pm on Saturdays; the location is Langston Hughes Theatre at 17th & Yesler.

Having worked on this show from the beginning as props master and sound board op, it is still funny every time I watch it - so I recommend it highly and hope more Seattlites are able to come out, see a good show, and support their local community.

**edited to add: every Thursday night after the show, the actors and director sit down with whatever audience members care to stick around and they all have a "talk back" session - talk about the show, acting, directing, whatever .. it is pretty interesting for non-theatre people who have an interest in what goes on in theatre. :o)
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Seattle Lightning

Grrrr!! Seattle Times!!!

C'mon, why did they have to put the Project Runway winner's picture right on the front page?? I had to put it on the TiVo because the crying baby comes first. :( :( Bad enough to only get 6 hours to sleep between 10 and 5:30am, but at least until I picked up the newspaper at 6:25am I still had something fun to look forward to watching this evening.
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Lost stars

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OK, this has to be said...why do people who live here have SO much trouble driving in the rain? I mean, i know a greater part of the drivers have issues on sunny days (OMG, the glare!) but it supposedly rains here all the time, so why is traffic three times as bad when it does rain?
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The Emerald City Search - Day 1

Ten days. Ten clues. One medallion. $2,500.

The first Seattle-wide Dead Sea Scrolls-themed treasure hunt--The Emerald City Search--begins today, starting with the first clue on this page. Read more

Emerald City Search Clue #1
Though ancient scribes were experts in this,
today's specialists may not agree.
If you add up the way of the seeker,
it's a simple two hundred and three.

Used / consignment furniture / antique stores

The memory entries on this topic are pretty old, so I thought I would pose this question to the community again. What/where are your favorite non-new furniture stores? Used, consignment, antique, etc, it's all good!

If it matters, I'm not into retro or cutesy country or modern, and I am actually still trying to define my style. Painted wood pieces are fine. Beyond that, I am very open and just want to go look at a lot of different places.