October 18th, 2006


Northwest Captive Breeders Expo This Weekend!!!


Gold Gate Entrance
Puyallup (Seattle), Washington

October 21st & 22nd, 2006


* October 21st - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
* October 22nd - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


* Adult Admission: $7.00 one day
* Adult Admission: $12.00 both days
* Children 12 and under free

Public and Trade Buyers Welcome!
Come see and buy a variety of captive bred Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and other exotics.
There is also Books, Cages and Supplies in the 20,000 square foot Expo Hall.

Giovanni or Paula @ NWCBE
P. O. Box 715, Carnation WA. 98014
(425) 861-7964 Phone
(425) 333-4205 Fax

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  • hotmoon

Kitty for adoption

I'm re-posting this on behalf of a friend in hopes to find a good home for Marbles.   We have tried Craigslist but unsuccessfully.  Please, help if you can.

Abandoned, Motherless, Circus Cat needs a good home

Marbles lost his mother in a horrible circus accident that involved a lion, a bobcat, and an attempt to do a living feline version of the Russian matryoshka nested doll trick. For a time she lived with the wicked Ring Master who eventually abandoned her, and left her to fend for herself, because Marbles would not repeat her mother's mistake. Marbles has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to cuddle with good people, and is particularly adept at sudoku. Being a former circus cat, Marbles is great about working to pull her own weight around the house, and makes the best veggie sandwiches of any cat I've ever known.

Obviously the above isn't all-together a true story, but is merely a ploy by a very desperate man...me. The real story is that we bought a house and the former owner abandoned two cats, one of which has found a new home. Marbles is really a great cat, but we are unable to keep her because some of our best friends are very allergic to cats. I don't want Marbles to be killed and have called all the no-kill shelters in the area. All the no-kill places are full, and do not have a waiting list. This cat is very friendly and lovable, and I’ve been calling her Marbles because of her colorful eyes.

If you’re interested in giving this cat a great home please send an email to kiegel@hotmail.com



omega tetris

(no subject)

I'm sorry if this question is too weird/obscure, but does anyone know the purpose of the tunnel that seems to connect the King County Correctional Facility and the King County Courthouse, going above the Admin Building? It looks the size of a pedestrian hallway, but it's opaque (or so I remember it) and I have no idea what parts of those buildings it connects.