October 17th, 2006

Improv troupes

Can you recommend a local comedy troupe akin to The Groundlings or Second City? Yeah yeah Google, but I'm interested in personal recommendations. I'm not familiar with the comedy scene here yet.

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Have any of you here ever utilized The Zone diet delivery service?

I'm having a difficult time making stuff for myself at home (combination of wonky work schedule and sheer apathy), and the idea of good, healthy meals delivered straight to me pleases my apathetic little heart.

Good reviews? Bad reviews? Any other suggestions on similar services that might be good/cheaper/friendly?

(checked Google... only review that seemed to pop up was a Seattle Weekly article from three years ago. And there's nothing in the Memories that I could find.)

New Young Kiwanis Club!!! First Meeting Tomorrow (Wednesday)!!!

Are you young? Are you professional? Are you interested in serving your community but are having trouble finding a group of people your age to serve with? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then here is the group for you! PUGET SOUND YOUNG PROFESSIONAL KIWANIS CLUB, or PSYK, is looking for members. We are a group of twenty-somethings that are passionate about serving our communities and having fun!

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