October 16th, 2006

  • khyron

cross-continental moving experiences?

Please feel free to bark at me for posting this here instead of seattle_ho, but this community has far more traffic plus I'm more interested in the historical experiences of you folks already living out there - thanks in advance!

I'm presently stuck in Virginia and eagerly planning a potential move to the pacific northwest in a couple years. I've never moved across the country before, but I know a lot of Seattle folk have come from places far and wide, and I'm wondering what your migration experiences were like?

Did you ditch all your worldly posessions and drive out in a car? Did you ship anything? Did you use a moving company? What were your moving costs like if you came from someplace as far away as the east coast? All manners of "moving to seattle" wisdom and anecdotes welcome!
  • jsl32

favorite local beer?

now that seasonals are starting to turn up in measurable quantity, i wondered if people might note their own preferred local beers. i swear i'm not fishing for new beers to try out, honest!
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  • dean332

Twenty Five for $25 time

Yes, it is nearly time for Twenty Five for $25 again. It starts the beginning of November. I usually don’t remember/find out until the last week so I’m doing what no one has done for me, telling people before it starts!

"...Twenty-five top restaurants have come together to offer you a month of divine dining for an unbelievable price. Lunch and dinner include three courses (beverage, tax and gratuity are additional)..."

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Bad Valet at the Westin

Sunday night, my husband and I spent the evening at the Westin after our wedding. We had our car valet parked and in the morning when it was returned, there was a large scrape on the bumper and minor body damage. Unfortunately, we did not discover this until we got home. None of the valets mentioned any issue to us when the car was delivered.

The Valet Manager at the Westin has not returned any of my husband's phone calls regarding this matter either. (Our insurance company advised us to seek a claim with the hotel first). And we don't have the valet ticket, so I don't know what the fine print says on it either.

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Lesson learned: don't valet park, especially at the Westin.
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