October 14th, 2006


Good Morning seattle,

I am looking for a delicious ham sandwich.
It needs to have GOOD ham, on par with Honeybaked ham, or a thinly sliced variant, not slimy.

Somewhere between the LQA and the northern part of downtown-proper would be the ideal location.
Hopefully they are quick so I can get my Delicious Ham fix during my lunch hour

also: I would prefer an option for lots of Delicious Ham. In the range of "is there more Delicious Ham than bread?"

Thank you dearly,
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Honey mooooon!

I am getting married in March and am looking for a hotel to stay in the night after. I looked into the Edgewater, as I have always wanted to stay there, but it was about $450 a night. Too much!
Anyone know of nice hotels with a nice view that are more in the 200 range? Or less? Thanks, Seattle!

airport parking?

So I checked the memories and googled what I could but I'm asking for personal experience:

How is the airport long-term parking? I'm going on a weekend trip and will be gone for 3 days. And I was debating on parking my car at the airport or taking a taxi... but is it safe to leave my car there? Is the price worth it?

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with it...
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(no subject)

Where is the best place in the city or the neighboring areas to find good quality abstract paintings or local art that falls within a reasonable price range (and by that, I mean no more than $500)?