October 13th, 2006

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Murphy vs Burner/Cantwell

I was walking with my partner in dt Bellevue, on Bellevue Way in front of Bel Square, when we saw night crew setting up banners for Murphy. As they were done setting up the signs, one of the guys on the crew proceeded to destroy Burner and Cantwell banners by hitting them with the hammer, until they almost had holes in them.
I am a-political, but this vandal act left quiet an unpleasant impression.

Cross Stitch Stores?

Greetings! First I want to thank everyone on seattle who has answered my questions. You guys rock and make a new guy feel welcome! Now to the next thing I can't seem to find. I'm looking for a cross-stitch store. I only found one result on Google for local stores and when I called the number it was disconnected.

I've been to Michael's, Jo-Ann's and Ben Franklin, but they don't carry the specialty fabric, fibers and beads that I need. An embroidery or needlework store would also work. I have found that yarn and needlepoint stores, while great for my other crafting needs, do not have the supplies I need for this project.

So does anyone know where I can go to scratch my stash itch and get my cross-stitching craft on? Thanks!

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Verbena is a non profit organization providing health education, advocacy, support and access to health care to lesbian, bisexual women and transgendered individuals. Our biggest fundraiser of the year is a dinner and auction called the SOUP R BOWL.

look here:


Its a really fun event with a silent auction (beds and breakfasts, jewelry, yoga classes, stuff from babeland!), soups, deserts and a hand made bowl for each guest!

This is an important fundraiser that helps keep Verbena going.


We are in need of people to donate food for the event. Especially SOUP! (restaurants and professional cooks only)... deserts however can be donated from nonprofessional bakers/makers.

This is a rather large event so we are looking for LARGE quantities of soup. The deadline is coming up fast and we are running a little short on soup.

All donations are tax deductable and come with knowing that you are helping out a organization that is doing a lot of great stuff for our community.

The event is next Saturday Oct. 21st.

Thanks so much!