October 12th, 2006

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small claims court

more landlord-tenant stuff.

so my boyfriend moved out of his apartment 4 months ago or so. 2 weeks after he moved out, he never recieved his deposit or a written reciept why. at this point he has contacted the landlord, gotten a lawyer to write the landlord, to no avail. so that just blantantly breaks the law, and i have no doubt that he would win the case in small claims.

problem is that we now live in hawaii. from what i understand of small claims, you can't have a representative, but does any body know if there's an exception to this for people who don't live in WA anymore? or, does anybody know if the judge rules in his favor (which any judge would/should), would he be reimbursed for travel costs? landlord-tenant code only says something about legal fees.

muchos gracias.

Cheap co-axial cable vendors?

I'm looking to score about 50ft. of co-ax cable to rig a long video run. (for those interested, it's for this. The only place I can think of is Home Depot and there I can get 500' for $57. Wondering if there's another option that is cheaper or by the foot. (it can be just the cable, I can attach the ends if the cable itself is cheap).

Any recommendations?
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Questioning Freedom (Stranger article)

FBI Keeps Tabs on Seattle Filipino Activists


When Arthur Gotcho Cupp changed his name to Freedom Allah Siyam back in 1998, he had no idea that one day his identity would bring the FBI knocking on his front door. After years of working as a vocal antiglobalization activist in the Seattle Filipino community, Siyam recently discovered that he's on a government watch list as a suspected terrorist—on October 4, agents showed up at his house bearing a page-long list of names and began questioning his 56-year-old mother. Siyam, his lawyer, and the rest of the Seattle Filipino activist community are afraid they're about to be sucked into a giant, spiraling investigation that's an eerie repeat of the widespread government scrutiny of Arab Americans after September 11.

Siyam, 29, has a shaved head, thick eyebrows, and Filipino parents. When he was 21, he changed his name. "Of course people automatically assume or associate Allah with Islam, but Allah is Arabic... I want keep God central to my goals and aspirations," explains Siyam, who is not Muslim. "Siyam means nine and I was into numerology at the time, it's the period of gestation for a child. And Freedom because I hope to see freedom for people on the planet, as well as for myself." He's a spoken-word artist with friends in the hiphop community like Blue Scholars, and has a day job as a social-history teacher for public-school dropouts. His real passion, though, is activism, serving as the regional coordinator for BAYAN-USA, a lefty Filipino-American organization that coordinates race-and-politics workshops for college students. "A lot of the work we do is based on an anti-imperialist, antiglobalization viewpoint," says Siyam, who also sometimes leads a handful of students on trips to the Philippines. In fact, Siyam travels a lot between the U.S., Philippines, and Canada, which may have raised red flags within the Homeland Security information mines.

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Listen to 91.3FM KBCS interview with Freedom about the FBI harassment:

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Admin Assistant position!

Our company, Cerep Inc. in Redmond has an open position for an admin, see below and if interested please contact me so I can forward on your resume! We are a small biotech doing contract research located in a business park in the Bella Botega area, off 95th down the street from Willows Road.

TITLE: Administrative Assistant

DEPARTMENT: Customer Support

REPORTS TO: Customer Support Manager


The Administrative Assistant is responsible for activities in direct support of laboratory operations and general office administration.

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Does anyone know where I could find Sugar'n Cream yarn close to Capitol Hill? I've checked So Much Yarn and Stitches. I'll probably end up going to JoAnn's in Ballard but I was just hoping for something closer since I have no car and not much time.
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Gym Membership For Sale!

I'm currently paying $27/month for my membership to Epicenter Fitness...and I never go because I also belong to the Seattle Athletic Club, and that's closer to home. I was planning on just cancelling my membership but when I called to do so, they suggested selling my membership instead! I don't know what these things are worth, so I'm open to offers or suggestions.

Epicenter Fitness is located on 3rd Avenue in Downtown Seattle, near the Pike Place Market, Westlake Center and very convenient for anyone who works in the Downtown core. The gym offers classes, an express fitness room, free weights, and DVD players at many of the cardio machines. They have personal training sessions available for an additional fee.

New members who sign up right now are paying $40+/month (per the gym representative that I spoke with) so you'll save a bit if you buy my old-timer's membership! Email me at maggi.m AT gmail DOT com if you're interested.

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2-sided B&W printing

Hi buddies.

I need some PDF's printed right away. I have gone to Kinko's in the past but recently it seems like it costs a whole lot to print stuff there. I just want 2-sided black-and-white, but I have like 700 pages (~350 sheets o/ white?). Um could someone do this for $20? Seriously I think Kinko's would charge what $35? Or even $70!

Thanks buddies.