October 11th, 2006



I'm looking to buy a whole bunch of those little mini-pumpkins, possibly somewhere in the neighbor hood of 50-100, and i dont want to go buy them from vons.

I was wondering if anyone knew a local farm that grows/sells these things, or maybe a wholesaler that i could get them from for cheap.

why? A school organization I'm a part of is looking to decorate them up, and sell them to people at our school for a fund-raiser.


Holiday-ish job

I am looking to pick up an evening/weekend job this holiday season. The thing is, I've only ever worked in an office, and I already have a full-time day job. Does anyone know of any place where they would hire someone without retail/service experience just for the holiday rush? I've been checking CL but recommendations & referrals would be more helpful.

Thanks in advance!
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The Paradox and all ages music

There was a post sometime ago regarding The Paradox, a local all ages venue, and their association with the conservative church Mars Hill. On the web site of The Stranger there is an article regarding the recent expulsion of the Paradox's management so that the church could more closely align the venue with the church. It appears changes are happening at the Paradox.

Thought it might be of interest to some.

Late Fees on Final Month's Rent

Has anyone had any experience with this apartment rental move-out situation?:

You've paid first and last month's rent + deposit, but the management company charges you late fees for the final month because you didn't give them notice before the 5th of the month. Rent is normally due on the first and accepted until the 5th.

Since the move-out notice is required 20 days prior to the end of the month, and my last month is already paid, I didn't think there would be a problem with me giving notice on the 10th. (I was still debating about whether or not to actually move out. Had I stayed, I would have owed late fees.)

The building manager insists that I should have paid my final month's rent on the first, and then waited for the management company to reimburse me when they send the deposit check. He read a section of the lease document to me which he thought pertained to this issue, but it wasn't as clear as he thought. I still don't think they should charge me the late fees. (It's a $70 late fee plus a $40 "notice" fee, whatever that is.)

If you've faced a similar situation please let me know how you handled it. Thanks!

Disclaimer: Yes, I know about Google. I've already visited the tenant's union web site, and I've checked the memories.
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As long as people are getting fucked by their landlords

I just got a letter in the mail yesterday from a collection agency saying that I owe my ex landlord $2250 + 74.25% interest.

This is confusing to me becase a. I always paid my rent, my roomate did not always pay his rent, but I always paid mine. b. I've never recieved a bill for this debt before now, don't people usually get a bill to ignore before being sent to collections? c. the landlord knows that I am not the one who owes him money, he spent the last 2 months of his landlordship calling me daily and asking me to have my roomate call him.

Now, I realize that my name was on this lease, meaning that I agreed to pay x amount of dollars each month and that the rent didn't get fully paid for 6 months. But my other two roomates names were also on the lease. So he either is taking just me to collections for my roomates debt just because he can. Or he has sent all 3 of us from that apartment to collections for the same debt. Which is fraud, because you can't get 3 times the amount of money that you're owed back. Also he was the one who accepted partial payment on the rent from my roomate (who paid his rent) and I. The three of us always sent our checks in seperatly and I have a year and a halfs worth of cancelled checks written out to him (wel I could if I got them from the bank.)

I was looking on the tenant union page but I didn't see anything relating to something like this. Ideas?

Also, can I call a plumber and have them bill my landlord for services because my landlord is taking their sweet ass time getting my sink fixed? found it

And how would I go about getting a second garbage can for my house of 11 people? One just doesn't cut it and the trash flows on to the sidewalk in a disgusting and probably hazardous mess.