October 9th, 2006

Help from Seattle hikers?

I lost my Garmin GPS (protective film still on screen, though peeling, and the whole thing quite dusty - at least before the rain...) on the Dutch Miller Gap trail yesterday. If any of you hikers out there happen to find it (or know a hiker who happened to find it), please, pretty please, let me know - a message in my journal will get to me same-day to confirm model. Reward offered.

Sigh. :(
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Bars that play swingable music and have dance area?

I'm looking for bars in the Seattle area (Capitol Hill, Lower Queen Anne, downtown proper) that play music suitable for dancing east coast swing or Lindy Hop.  This would be "big band"/'50s era rock 'n roll, stuff like that.  A open space of floor where people can dance would be a major bonus.  Serving hard liquor would also be a major bonus.  I've already searched the memories, but this is a pretty specific request, so I didn't find anything.  I'm hunting for my upcoming birthday party location...

Party Space Wanted - Oct. 28th

Some friends of mine are planning to host an enormous (up to 150 people) Halloween party this year, but we haven't been able to find a space large enough that we could rent for just that night. Does anyone know of such a venue in the Seattle area? A warehouse space would be just fine, provided it had the essential facilities (restrooms, electricity).

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Is that art with a big "A" or a little "a"?

Who knows. But if you've got big blank walls, love music and photography and got a chance to see "End of Summer - Three Views of Bumbershoot" at this year's Bumbershoot Festival, the original prints are now available.

Here's what the Seattle Times said of the gallery show that commemorated the 35th anniversary of Bumbershoot:

"End of Summer" shows off the teamwork of three photographers — William Anthony, Bradley Hanson and Ryan Schierling — who were commissioned to capture the essence of last year's Bumbershoot. The lighting and composition are exquisite in each individual image, but it's the grouping of the shots that makes this take on Bumbershoot unique. In an effort that the artists say was almost harder than taking the shots themselves, they carefully edited their images and formed triptychs composed of one image from each artist. These groupings suggest the multiplicity of perspectives, moods and moments that take place during this sprawling, unruly event. Don't miss these gorgeous photographs."

The live music portion of the show, photographed by Ryan Schierling, includes large-scale C-prints of bands like Iggy & The Stooges, Los Amigos Invisibles, Garbage, Kinski, The Locust, Schoolyard Heroes, Mercir and more. Available original prints can be viewed at:


Click on recent work and take a look.
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getting rid of old cars

Where's the best place to get rid of an old car for low cost? It can be driven somewhere but doesn't run well (so it's not charity-worthy, especially given that it's 24 years old). It needs to be disposed of ASAP as the tabs expired on Saturday and it's parked on the street.

it's also a Saab, which some junkyards apparently don't take. No idea why, but there you go.

Update on Animal Talk Pet Store & Rescue

First off, I'm not affiliated with Animal Talk Pet Shop & Rescue in any way. I'm just passing on news and information I've heard and found.

(This is the Seattle Times story for anyone that hasn't heard about this yet.)

The link to donate via paypal directly to Animal Talk

The link to the store itself.

Here is an email I received earlier this afternoon:
"By way of update about Animal Talk, the vet bills are still
accumulating. Initially it was thought that the cats were only released
so the vandals could watch them go after the rodents, but the cats are
coming up with injuries that the vet described as 'having been
drop-kicked'. Back, head and internal injuries are still being found.
This afternoon one cat that had seemed fine suddenly started bleeding
badly from its nose. A lot of the cats were so traumatized by what
happened that they're still on sedatives as well.

One good thing is that Pasado Safe Haven is now offering a $2500 reward
for the arrest and conviction of the [bleeps] that did this. There's a
.pdf poster at this site for printing and posting:


Here's the direct link to the pdf file of the reward poster.

According to this article the Humane Society is also offering a large reward.
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(no subject)

What's a decent, cheap Chinese food place that delivers? Preferably to the Northgate area.

I checked the memories, but they seem to be sadly lacking in Chinese food questions.
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recommendations needed

I am looking to get the following done on my new home in Burien. I have checked the memories and tags and did not really see anything concrete (except for one company in Marysville but I figure there has got to be someone closer.

1. Insulation installed in the attic.
Currently there is none and I would like to get some in there asap before winter really starts to set in. I am not sure if I want roll in or spray in but it does have a hip roof so I would think spray in would be easier and more effcient.

2. Vapor barrier laid down in the crawl space.
There is some plastic down currently in the crawl space but not alot. There was enough room in the crawl space for the electrician (C&R Electric, I highly recommend them) to ground my outlets so there is space to work.

Any suggestions? Used someone/company you have been really happy with?


dress alteration

I need to get a halloween dress taken in and I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions an alteration place somewhere in the U-District, Northgate or somewhere near there. Thanks in advance.
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bike-loading in ride free areas-- at driver's discretion?

it's a curious query i have, because i was wondering about this. the other day i was taking the bus home from work downtown, and on one bus, the driver was quite vociferous about how this older indian guy couldn't load his bike in the ride-free zone (and therefore board), that it was against the rules and allathat. on the second bus i transferred to, however, the driver was perfectly content to let a young blond white woman load her bike in the ride-free zone and hop on. both drivers were white males, incidentally.

now i know that everyone will say racism doesn't exist, it all ended 40 years ago by magical fiat and whatnot, but given the extremely ODD circumstances there, i am wondering if the bike thing is in fact a rule (which is violated at bus driver whim or leisure) or a guideline, where the driver is free to randomly select who is worthy to load their bike in the ride-free zone.

i'm new to town and don't know how all the metro regulations and such work, and it's not like their site would clarify this type of thing, so any help/enlightenment on the matter would be keen.