October 8th, 2006


Jewelry store in Pike Place Market

Oh, oracle of Livejournal, please have an answer for my question.

A couple years ago, there was a jewelry booth in the Pike Place market, located on the southern part that juts out eastward. East of the flying fish booth, two stalls up from the mini-donut stall. They sold the most gorgeous amber jewelry, in addition to a variety of other nice semi-precious stones. However, they moved.

When I first noticed them gone, I asked a nearby booth and they said the vendor moved to a retail space in Belltown, but I never found it. Does anyone here know where they are, or how I can find more information on the whereabouts, since I have no idea what the shop's name is?

Turning 21 in Seattle

I'm about to celebrate my 21st birthday, and hade some questions:

1. In Seattle, are you legally allowed in bars at midnight of your birthday, or do you have to wait until the next morning? My birthday is on a Sunday, and I'd love to do my run late on Saturday night, if possible.

2. Is there a grace period to renewing your driver's license? Do you need to have a new one before getting into the bars? Are you able to go in before your birthday? Where in the world is the closest DMV to the U-District?

I've checked memories, asked friends, all that jazz.

Thanks in advance!
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outlet Halloween stores like Spirit, Planet Halloween

What outlet-type of Halloween stores can you guys recommend?

I know I should be googling this, and I have been for the past two hours. All I am finding is outdated information and disconnected numbers. :( For example, google gives the Spirit stores a location of Burien, upon calling them they are no longer located there. Planet Halloween's site says they are now open, but when calling them their answerer says "our season is now over, thanks for a great halloween!" LOL. Couldnt think of names of any others. Soo... can anyone help with halloween outlet type stores in the general area?

So far I do have Display and Costume, Champion, and Party City as the chains that are open, but outlet halloween stores are much better in my experience. :)

date spots

hey there...

thought i'd ask it here (hopefully no snide remarks)

i am going on a date tomorrow and i want to try to find a good place to kinda bring a six pack to and hang out. kinda trespassing, but not really. i am just wondering if there are good hidden spots that people can think of? ideas that i already had were to either find a good secluded area by the ship canal to sit on the water and watch boats go by... or night on the water at discovery park. or somewhere in the south seattle and/or harbor island area to find some industrial beauty with views of the seattle skyline. that sorta thing.

any ideas?


This evening, my husband discovered black mold growing in our bedroom. I keep the windows open in the house whenever the sun is shining, and since it is in our bedroom (not a wet place) I don't understand. He seems to think that the house might have had the problem for a long time and it was just kinda..painted over. We're renting a duplex. They didn't tell us about this. We live in Shoreline....

...so the question is: is that grounds for breaking a lease?

Other things to keep in mind: There is also a leak in the bathroom near the shower that keeps the floor wet constantly. When I called the realtor/landlady to tell her, she expressed to me that this concern had been brought up by the prior tenants. 

en generale..


How come nobody mentioned the police take-over of the corner of Market and 24th in Ballard when a cop car crashed through the window of Matt's Gourmet Hot Dogs on Friday?

Usually you people are all over this stuff!
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looking for locals

Hello all
Just trying to have some more local people on the friends list, so if you're so inclined, please feel free to add me to your friends list and I will do so in kind
I'm a 38 year old single man who is rather sarcastic
I'm also very liberal and use profanity
It would just be nice to have people read my journal who can identify with what I say when I refer to local events/attractions
My picture is my icon if you want to know what I look like

Borseno's Barber Shop?

I need to get my a-line redone, and I was thinking Borseno's.

I went to Vain the last couple times, and I liked it, but I wanted something kind of shaggy looking, and she kept giving me these really polished, curled-under cuts.

I don't want it to look shitty, though, it definately needs to be a good cut.

Opinions on Borseno's?
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Kitty vets!

I need your recommendations for a kitty vet near Capitol Hill or the International District or Beacon Hill.

Memories were checked and so was yelp. I'd prefer to patronize a vet that I can get a couple of good references from clients.

The kittens thank you (Max and Lulu)

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