October 7th, 2006

Exotic Wood Follow-Up... Got Light?

A few weeks ago, I asked about exotic woods, as I was building a fake window to go in my yoga room. I got some suggestions* and a couple people asked that I show the final results. It's even Seattle-community justified, because this little baby is an uber light-therapy lamp! Got SAD? Well, build one of these, and you'll have it no more! Noon-time tropical sun puts out arond 100k lux, and standard lightbox SAD therapy gets up to 10k, and this thing is at least 25k. Sweet! No more icky winters! Anyway, what it looks like:

Collapse )

* I ended up going with boring poplar. I *really* appreciate the recommendations, and have noted them for future projects, but the quantity of wood needed for this, and the matching shelves (not yet installed) made the cost too high.


So does anyone know where a girl could find a reasonably priced wig for stage-type performances? I'm thinking along the lines of hair that is either real, or looks pretty close...nothing you'd get from say, hot topic or metro....

Hummus my stomach!

Since one of the foods my taste buds happily enslave me to is hummus, I've had many kinds made by many entities over many years. Store-bought tend to suck, restaurant-made tend to be better including some standouts, and home-made can be good w/ the right recipe and know-how.

Meze (Houghton area of Kirkland) makes good hummus. Karims (Capitol Hill) is also good but I like Meze a bit better. Orexa (Kirkland and Bellevue) is OK but it's been a long time since I've had theirs. Nikos of Spokane used to make the best, but they apparently altered the recipe a few years ago for some stupid reason.

Anyone have a stellar hummus encounter here in the NW worth sharing? Am particularly interested in Lynnwood and north, or Eastside locations, but any'll do.

We need a separate Seattle Foods community, btw. Or is there one already?
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Pet Store Vandalism

I am currently very disturbed.I was just watching Kiro 7 and it had a story about a pet store that recently got vandalized.  45 kittens were set loose, 25 animals were killed and many tortured.  Several reptiles were also stolen.  I wanted to see if there was an online report on this vandalism, but I can't find anything on it anywhere, not even at kirotv.com.  Has anyone heard anything else regarding this story? It's so awful :(