October 6th, 2006

Anyone know of any Battlestar Galactica partys ?

Okay. I dont have cable. Most of my friends live far away, and I dont know if I can get to BFE, even if its for BSG. ;)

So does anyone know of any bars where I, my girlfriend, best friend, and his girlfriend can get away with monopolizing the TV ? Im thinkin Shortys would be down, but that may be a little noisy. Spitfire has TVs all over the place, but if theres a sporting event thats more important than "2 guys playing catch" then they'll probably be watching that. Im lookin for something in the seattle area.

Or maybe you're holding a party ? I can certainly provide booze, foods, or whatever. I'm always down to meet fellow nerds. help!!


*(I dont know how to check the memories. Im still new at livejournal.)
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Alterations for Designer Jeans

I read through the memories and found suggestions for the best tailors/alterations in Seattle. But wanted to know if anyone had first hand experience with having designer jeans altered? Who is the best? Who to avoid? Anyone who specializes in petite and/or asian women?
Thanks in advance!