October 5th, 2006

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Japanese Garden

I'm going to Seattle for the weekend ont he 13th and was wondering if it's still autumn down there? (I'm in Alaska, all the leaves are gone already :P)
I wanted to check out the Japanese gardens in the fall.. anyone been there recently? Is it too late for pretty fall colors?
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I don't know if anyone is going to be able to help, but you Seattle folks are always so resourceful.

Our office is expanding, and we finally have to order the DREADED cubicles! We only need two actually, and want some nice looking ones that match our office (Maple desks with blue/grey carpets and mostly blue decorations on the walls).

Does anyone have good recommendations of places to go to get the wall dividers? I've looked at Office Depot/Staples/etc and they seem to have the grey boring ones (no offense to those who have these!).

Thanks in advance!
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hot chocolate search

Hey all,

I don't do coffee but I love hot chocolate. I haven't found anywhere in Seattle, though, that's a great place to sit and drink a good cup of hot chocolate.

Any ideas? Ambiance, as well as flavor, is key.

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(no subject)

does anyone know of a good bar in seattle that would be showing the baseball playoff games? my boyfriend is from detroit and LOVES the tigers. his birthday is on saturday and i would love to take him to a cool bar that's showing the game! thanks in advance... :)
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Aw come on :(

The happy hour poster had a good post, I thought. I keep track of the happy hour posts; the most recent one prior was specifically about happy hour food, not drinks. The next most recent one was pretty old.

I liked the format of the previous happy hour post and wish it had not been deleted - I was planning on putting it in my memories like I have done with prior happy hour posts.

I'd really like to see that post reposted, if possible, including any answers to the specific questions, if helpful commenters are willing.

For reference, the happy hour food post is here.
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Custom t-shirts?

I'm doing wardrobe for a short film and need to get 5 black t-shirts custom printed with white letters by 10/14. I've looked online and they all have minimums (which I understand) or each shirt costs a ton of money. Anyone know a local spot I can go to to get these made? Digital printing or silk screen or whatever. I'm about ready to hit Jo-Ann fabric and do some ironing.
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Goldwings anybody?

I recently took a fairly decent job in Bothell and because i'd rather drive about 1 hour to work rather than 2+ hours i got a motorcycle so i can use the HOV lane. Its a 1978 Honda Goldwing. I never thought i'd own a Goldwing because they are for old men. Well, depending on the math you use i MAY or MAY NOT be an old man, but thats another story.

Its an early model without all of the molded plastic and uber creature comforts.
Not a crotch rocket, not a harley, not a ducati, and not a beemer...
just 1000cc's of unpretentious fun :)

Considering it is almost 30 years old the motorcycle is in REALLY good condition. But it does need a little help. I'd like to find other Goldwing owners or enthusiasts to mentor or just hang with. Its not my first motorcycle (5th i think?), but i'm feeling like a newbie all over again and slightly overwhelmed.

I KNOW it needs a tuneup, but dont really know where to begin.
The clutch is being funny too ("stop and go" on 405 really sux ass!)

Its been catching on fire lately in the mornings and i'd like to do something about that.
Its a fuel leak that i think happens when i have the choke on.

I have a carport, but not a lot of tools.
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Happy Hour Pt. 2

I want to clarify that I deleted my own post (sorry to those who commented!) primarily because I didn't want to fill up the community with unnecessary duplicates. I try to be mindful of that kind of thing. So, the mods didn't delete -- I did.

However, as popular opinion dictates, here it is again (or at least a close fascimile):

Where is your favorite happy hour? If you could list the following, that would be amazingly gracious of you. I've added a stiff drink reference due to the request.

1) Happy hour on Friday/weekends?
2) Outside seating?
3) What type of food (meals vs. chips & salsa)?
4) Veg(etari)an food options?
5) What time does it end?
6) Specialty cocktails, or only beer/wells?
7) Will you have to wait for seating?
8) Will the drinks make for easy social interaction or knock you on your ass?

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health insurance

i've been dealing with a great guy about getting my health insurance set up & all. i was so happy i said i'd pass his name on to others, & he said he'd give me a referral bonus if anyone signs up.

so if anyone needs good comprehensive health insurance in WA (mine's $90/mo), email me (addy in my profile), & i'll split the $25 bonus with you.