October 4th, 2006

{HP} Hermione

The Speakeasy Saga continues...

Has anybody ever had this much trouble with Speakeasy?

  1. They dropped my account twice, without notifying me that they had done so. And then it took another month for them to get an installation tech to my apartment, and were unable to try and work around my schedule.
  2. AND THEN, they were late in delivering my internet service when they finally promised to do so.
  3. After the installation guy was late, the same day, I had to call Support to get them to help me set up the DNS information since nothing was actually working.
  4. They are now trying to charge me $300, for two months of service (which I have had for little more than a week) and installation charges; never mind that I was promised free installation (which I was quoted on when I set up the original account), free hardware, and free two months of service for having to deal with all of this hassle.

Honestly, is this a fluke? Some sort of joke (I wish!)? I've heard good things about Speakeasy in the past and I am so confused as to why I'm being charged as much as I am and why it has taken so long. Oy vey.

What internet service do you all use?
Bunny Love

What would you do?

My company was recently planning a trip to Vegas as a trip to take a few (10-ish) people for a team-building experience. For multiple reasons the trip was canceled and now they're looking for something (or things) around Seattle, or closer to home than Vegas, to do instead. Whistler came up, but was shot down for reasons unknown. They were also thinking of going to Teatro Zinzani, followed by drinks somewhere, and then a night in a nice hotel, but they think this sounds cheesy.

Where would you recommend a small group of hard to please people go for an exciting night out on the town or a short, close-to-home vacation?

Many thanks!
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Geek Potter

Stones/DMB Tickets

A co-worker of mine has 2 tickets to the Stones/Dave Matthews Band concert October 17th that he needs to get rid of (people backed out, he is stuck with them, people are lame)

They are great seats, 9th row! He is asking face value for them, $350/each (and this is minus all the charges)

He knows the show isn't sold out but would like to get at least most of his money back them. I don't know for sure but he might be willing to take reasonable offers for them.

Please contact me if you are interested or know anyone that is. I know they are pricey but at least they are good seats.
Yes, they have been craigslisted.

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capitol hill lunch delivery

i just googled and citysearched. is it really possible that the only places that deliver on the hill are pizzarias and thai? the 2 indian spots i found don't deliver until after 5pm.

does anyone have any good recommendations for restaurant delivery on the hill (other than thai and pizza)?

(oh and yes i checked memories but found mostly thai entries.)


Dance in Seattle

Hey all,

As a working ballet/modern/jazz dancer, just arriving in the Seattle area, I am trying to get accquainted with the dance scene here. So far, I have found it dominating with post-modern/contemporary/contact improvisation (mostly at Velocity Dance Center), Spectrum Dance Theater (which is very exclusive, it seems), some small regional modern companies, and of course, the amazing pacific northwest ballet. I know this isn't no NYC or Chicago, but where is the hip hop and jazz? Any dancers here feeling their absence? Would you like to see more of it happen around here? Any patrons of dance are free to include their input as well. Just wondering. Thanks!
  • neevita

Massage practitioners: Opinions on Brian Utting vs. Brenneke?

I am attempting to decide between the Brian Utting and Brenneke schools of massage. They both have pros and cons that effect their desirability (like Utting moving out to the east side halfway through the course I would be taking), but both are quite considerable options. Any thoughts on them, comparisons on how they differ, personal opinions based on exposure to the schools or their graduates?

I am particularly interested in talking with graduates/people who know graduates from both schools and hearing your opinions about your experiences there. Does anyone feel like talking about what it was like to train in either place, what the teachers were like, and how well you feel the experience prepared you for real life practice? Much appreciation for your time and willingness to discuss it.

If you'd prefer to talk privately, please mail courtnee, at gmail dot com. Thank you.