October 3rd, 2006



For those interested... Here you go! As previously posted, they were filming a scene for Grey's Anatomy about 2 blocks from my office and we got some pics (that's my coworker in one of the pics). They aren't filming anymore, but it sure hosed up traffic for a while until they finished! *arrrg* 

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Kennel for three dogs over Christmas

So, dear seattle, if CyberCassie ever wants to see her Grandpapa and Grandmama in Oklahoma, she has to help her parents find lodging for their three dogs (yes, three) at an affordable kennel. We are willing to make a long drive if it means finding a more affordable place, so something out in the boondocks is fine.

Any suggestions? Yes, ICGATM.

And to put a face on the situation, here are the little devils themselves:

Muchas gracias, amigos del Internet!

Protest on 5th of October?

So, according to this site:

...there are protests throughout the U.S. and Canada that are occuring on the 5th of October. I haven't heard anything about this until today.

I was wondering if anyone knew if there is going to be a protest in Seattle in conjunction with this, and where is to be held.
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