October 2nd, 2006

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The new Derby Dossier is out! We have a lot of really great specials worth checking out for the month of October, including a free haircut with any color service (this needs to be scheduled when you make your appointment) when you book with either myself (Chivahn) or Megan. Haircuts are usually $35, so that's savings! (I myself take guests on Thurs/Sat/Mon.)

Hope to see some of you soon, and happy October!

Eastside Pumpkin Patches


I am wondering if anyone has any good pumpkin patch recommendations to the East. I've done most of the North/South ones and am hoping to find a great one East. Preferrably a larger farm with other u-pick vegis and lots of farm animals.

Thanks !


My dearest Bus savvy Seattlites-

I was wondering, ( I have looked on busmonster.com, memories and googled it to no avail or maybe I just did not see it ;/)what bus would I take from the ferry terminal to get to the Bellevue Corporate Office of Whole Foods Market at 15 Lake Bellevue DR STE 100 for an interview at 2pm tomorrow.

All these different routs, transfers and what not are scary. Let the bus havoc begin. Thanks in advance you prity bus riders.
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this should be very easy....

i've been assigned the task of locating an establishment with the perfect espresso AND the perfect pastries. finding decent coffee is pretty easy, and there are a lot of tasty local bakeries. but according to my challenger, locating both in one establishment is nigh impossible. it's true that there's a perpetual problem of mostly muffins-type scenarios, so a bakery seems the most likely candidate. but although i've had perfectly tasty coffee at pretty much every bakery, i don't remember any of it being outstanding enough to merit "perfect". the memories offered no insight into the pair challenge. ;) so i turn to you, lj'ers about town:

perfect espresso AND perfect pastries?