October 1st, 2006


Sugar-free Torani syrups

I checked memories, and didn't find an answer to my question:

Where can I buy sugar-free Torani syrups? I'm looking for chocolate, caramel, and orange, but the U-Village QFC and the crappy Safeway at 50th and Brooklyn only stock vanilla. So before I go wandering all over Seattle, I thought I'd ask you kind folks (and the unkind ones as well).
demon av

lost keys oh noes...

Hey guys, I lost my keys yesterday while out on the evening. I just retraced my steps and didn't see em...so I am calling on the internet to save me from my stupidity. my stupid pants have gi-normous pockets and they could have easily fallen out whilst dancing or sitting. UGHHHH

They are somewhere on Capitol Hill between the Elysian, the Comet, Cuff, or Seattle University campus...There are only 2 keys on there and a piece of wood from a Korean rotary chapter and a white USB key. If you find this I will love you forever. thanks yall.

Plaster Logo Dara

Got Seahawks tix for 11/12?

I'm hoping to magically buy 4 tickets to the 11/12 Seahawks game. Seems they are hard to find. Anyone know where I can get some? Ticketmaster is sold out, ebay is expensive, and I posted on craigslist already. Crossing my fingers.

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