September 30th, 2006


Scooter Pin-Up Benefit Art Show at CAFE RACER
Saturday, September 30, 6:00 8:00 PM
Cafe Racer Espresso, Seattle Coffee House
5828 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, Washington

I will be in this show with LIMITED EDITION, HAND-PULLED SILKSCREENS of these two of my Scooter Girl drawings!! This is an edition of TEN ONLY each! INSANE!!! Yes, it's true, but it's for this benefit/charity event only, so if you want something so rare it's BLEEDING, come to the show on Saturday and pick one up! Below are links to the prints:

Vespagoth and Scooterdemon

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Club Lagoon?

Since it seems like every other week someone posts asking where they can dance to 80s music, I'd have thought this would have been covered... but no! (Or not that I could find...)

Has anyone been to Club Lagoon (the place on Broadway with a car on the roof)? Is it fun? Are the drinks stiff? Is the crowd barely-clothed? What nights are good, and which ones suck? All of this information and more would be wonderful to have. Also, I feel dumb having to ask, but what the heck is a Tea Dance?


EDIT: I guess I should have stated it this way: Is it better than the Noc Noc on a Tuesday? Or any of the other crappy 80s nights Seattle has to offer?

Condo Appraisal

Hey Folks, this morning I was notified that the apartment building that my wife, son, and I live in is being sold and then converted to condos. There is an offer for current tenants to purchase these condos at a discounted rate (what the listing price is for everyone else I haven't been able to find out). The discounted prices claim to be 30k lower than a "professional appraisal" however I would like to verify this. The problem is that the current state of the apartments is quite far from what the state of the condo will be once they've finished the upgrades. My question is this, does anyone know of or have any experience with anyone who does appraisals including construction that isn't yet completed?? I have a list of the upgrades that are going to be going in so I'd imagine it'd be possible to get at least a decent idea of what it will actually be worth.

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Something to do this weekend

Club Lagoon
No Cover
DJ Brett Michaels from C89-FM! (Open til 4am!)
210 E. Broadway, Seattle, WA 98108

SUN: "Tea Dance" Sundays - Live DJ and dancing - $4.00 "Lagoon Iced Teas"!
WED: College Night! (No cover/$3.00 well drinks w/student ID)
THU: "OUT" Thursdays - Dancing with DJ Knight - $4.00 Sex On The Beach's!!
FRI: Dancing with DJ Brett Michaels from C89-FM! (Open til 4am!)
SAT: Dancing with DJ Knight! (Open til 4am!)