September 29th, 2006

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favorite romantic restaurant in seattle?

my current choices are serafina and canlis.. but i know there has to be a million others out there.

so, what are your recommendations, what type of food is it and on what occasion did you go there??
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happy hour food

usually my friends and i head to mccormick & schmick's for happy hour after work, mostly in thanks to the cheap food they have during their happy hour, but it's time for a change.

where's everyone's favorite happy hour spot with good, cheap food?

3rd & virginia

events between work and home unfolded as follows:

waiting for the bus at 3rd and virginia, i notice a fit african american man wearing a navy blue, skintight, long sleeved body glove shirt and sunglasses walking slowly backwards. he raises his shirt just enough so that his nipples are showing. coming toward him is a woman with a ponytail and an ipod who is out for a run. he lunges in front of her in what he most likely thinks is a provocative manner. she swerves to avoid him. he lowers his shirt and goes on his merry way.

a large woman with a glasses and a ponytail with teh sides shaved yells to her equally large female companion about the bus coming. she sits down, still talking very loudly about god knows what and pulls out a jar of baby food. i think it's carrots. she tips the jar to her mouth and eats the baby food. then she scrapes the remnants out of the inside of the cap with her chubby finger and finishes it off. an older woman approaches from about half a block away with a sweet looking old slow dog. the leash is dragging on the sidewalk. our fat, folically challenged friend, finished with stuffing her face now yells to the older woman halfway down the block, "Ma'am! this is a city of seattle public are and you MUST keep that leash in your hand at ALL times!" the older woman scowls and picks up the trailing end of the leash. when the woman and dog reach the bus stop, our overgrown baby cuddles and coos over the dog. some people have strong principles i guess.

at this point i put my headphones on so i don't have to listen to anymore of this.

once on the bus i notice a quick movement outside and see a small yorkie zipping down the middle of 3rd ave toward stewart with its leash flying behind i like a cape. i catch my breath and my heart speeds up as i pray the dog doesn't get hit in all this traffic and that its owner finds it safely. as we pass 3rd and stewart, i see the dog in the crosswalk. there is a woman in a tank top standing over it, clutching her hands together at her chest. a man is crouching with his hand on the dog like a healer. i can't tell if the dog has been hit by a car or if he's just holding it there until the owner is found. a police officer approaches the scene and the bus pulls away. i really really hope the dog is okay. it looked so happy and free running down the yellow line in the middle of the street.

on the bus is a man with an 80's style child molester moustache and a yosemite sam tattoo on his forearm. he is wearing a halo 2 t shirt.

it's been a crazy half an hour.

EDIT - wow, i never thought that something i figured was purely observational could bring out the negative, untalented, fluffy racist in me.

thanks for showing me who i truly am, everyone!

ISP: Millennium alternative...

I tried searching back in the last few months, but someone posted recently about a new ISP that's supposed to take over Millennium Digital Media... anybody recall who that was?

MDM has been craptastically dropping signal lately (and somewhat suspiciously too, since the dropouts seem to be linked to activity that can be construed as P2P usage), and I'm ready to bail on them.


EDIT: thanks so much for the fast replies everyone!

Green Up!

If this has already been posted, I'll remove (I've been out of town so I haven't been through all of the archives in a while).

Sign up for the Green Up programs associated with Seattle City Light or Puget Sound Energy and receive a $15 gift card from Pagliacci through October 31. You have to participate for a year.

More details here.