September 27th, 2006

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Ticket Lottery at the Paramount Theatre?

I have a vague understanding that the Paramount holds a ticket lottery before each show (that is, I read about it somewhere on the internet that specifically mentioned this practice for Wicked) and while I'm certainly going to call the theater tomorrow, I was curious if anyone else is familiar with how this process works. Tips or information about how they run their lottery or lotteries they've had in the past would be wonderful if you've got 'em.
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i have a ticket for todays show. i'm unable to go so if you want to go then let me know. ticket is FREE or you could give me a vinyl... or buy me one... or give me some cunnilingust. whateva.

i'll be at Singles Going Steady for a few hours and possibly around downtown Seattle till about 4.

to get a hold of me email me at since i am at a friends place right now.

Night Sky.

Looking for a good spot to observe the stars, and what I mean is a nice clear shot of the night sky without the city light glow, some place quiet, and secluded. Know of any spots?
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I was watching a movie at Lincoln Square in Bellevue and the fire alarm went off. The whole building was evacuated and there were several fire trucks.

I have no clue what happened. But it was fun seeing all the drunk people stumble out of Joey's and The Parlor.
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burlesque resources in seattle?

does anyone have a list of all the troupes and classes and whatnot available for burlesque performance in seattle, and possibly the venues that host most regularly? i see scattered links around now and again, but never everything all in one place. it would be really handy if anyone could contribute, since this is one of the towns with an active such scene (so i have heard anyhow).

Honey Hole?

I was curious if there were any people of color who have had any trouble trying to get service at the Honey Hole (703 E Pike St)? I feel I have to ask since this came up in a discussion with a couple of friends of mine tonight. We went there last Friday (three of us; two Mexicans & one Native), sat down right away since a table was open. We looked at the menu and knew within a minute what we wanted to eat. We waited at least 15 minutes and received no service of any kind from the waitress. That whole time we kept trying to wave at the waitress who was always busy helping others. We decided to get up and leave when it was apparent she wasn't going to pay us any attention. Anyhow, we didn't talk about it then but we brought it up tonight, and said what we noticed. I noticed there was a table of two Asian guys who got there at the same time we did, who sat there waiting and getting no service as well, and by the time we left they still couldn't get the waitress to stop by their talbe and take their orders. My other friends noticed two white girls come in, sit down, and immediately get attention from the waitress. And everyone else was white, eating and happy. It really made us feel bad to be treated as if we were invisible. Have any people of color had similar problems at this establishment?

runaway garbage can

yesterday morning... i look out my bedroom window to see that my car has two broken windows, and scraped paint all along it. i run downstairs to investigate the damage, and realized that there was a business card on my windsheild from Allied Waste Services.

dear car owner,
our driver lost control of the green dumpster cart outside of the apartment building and it rolled into your car. please call to discuss.


i was told that i need to get a couple of estimates for the damage... and i got one for $2800. yes, $2800 damage from one of those green rolly carts.

however, the point of this post was to find other body shops in the area that people might recommend (i live in caphill... but anywhere near downtown is okay with me). however, i am looking specifically for places that are open after 5pm. i went to callahans over by chop suey...

supa confused
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improv in seattle

in the next few months or so, i'm going to be taking a trip to seattle, and if possible, i'd like to check out some of the city's long form improv. are there any regular or semi regular long form shows or groups i should check out? i'm also thinking of stopping by jet city for the improv dojo, just to get a chance to play while on vacation. has anyone had any experience with that, is it fun? are there any improv jams where the audience can get up and play that happen? i'm currently studying improv in nyc and perform a little less than semi-regularly. i know the seattle improv festival is in february, but i'm thinking of coming out a little bit earlier than that.
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West Seattle Vet?

Hello all,

My wife and I will be moving from Eastlake to West Seattle (near the junction) come the end of next month, I wondering if anyone could recommend a good vet, we have 2 cats and plan on getting a dog very soon...

Thanks in advance!
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rancid/aquabats tickets

Hi all,

I am in want of up to 3 tickets for the Rancid/Aquabats show tonight at the show-box... If you have a ticket you arent using please get ahold of me asap I would appreciate it

Bank loan

Anybody know of some great bank that would let me take out a $60,000 loan without any predatory rates? I am still a student in my senior year at the UW, but I work a little bit and would not have problems reimbursing up to $700 per month.
So if you know of a bank or someone at a bank that could help me get that kind of a loan please comment! :)
(This is not a first time mortgage either; it would be more in the form of a personal loan) 

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Lambchop @ TheTripleDoor tomorrow

Say, is anyone else going to enjoy seeing Lambchop perform tomorrow? The more the merrier! I've been waiting all year to see them. (plus i dont want to go alone, most of my friends cancelled at the last minute). I'll be wearing an orange beanie.

September, 28 2006 at Lambchop @ The Triple Door

For those who are curious, promise you won't be disappointed, try a new musical experience.
Sample music

Sample video:
Morcheeba ft Kurt Wagner of Lambchop - Why NY couple fight about?
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Hair product stores

I've seen stores that just sell hair products at a discount price in California; and I was wondering if there are any stores like that around Seattle? My kid sister wants me to get her some for her b-day. She prefers biolage or something like that. Any suggestions would help. Thanks.
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