September 26th, 2006

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The Buju Banton show has been canceled. Thank you Seattle for exercising your right of free speech in pressuring Neumos to do the right thing. I think I will definitely spend some money there this weekend to support them for doing the right thing and listening to people in the community.
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Karaoke at the Skylark Cafe

Hey seattle!

We now interrupt this program for a message from Matthew Darling, the Bar Manager at the Skylark Cafe & Club:

We had a small fire at the Skylark this morning... Yikes!

No one was hurt...thank god!! But... our flattop is fucked...

Lotsa money to fix, and our entire brunch menu is cooked on that thing....

So tonight's karaoke will benefit the repair. Please come by, say hi, buy a drink, sing a song.

Tell everyone you know to come ....we're gonna party this mother fucker out!


We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Stolen Vehicle

1997 Subaru Legacy Outback
White with black trim
Bumper stickers "Pagan Special Forces" and "Wiccan Army"
WA License plate "PILOT"

Last seen on Thursday, 21 September 2006 at the corner of SW Roxbury & 34th Ave SW in West Seattle.

If you spot it, please call Seattle Police at 206-733-9800 or reply to this post.

Thank you-

The car was recovered in good condition less than 12 hours after I reported it to the police. Thank you King County Sheriff and Seattle Police!

Robothon Weekend

Saturday Sept. 30th and Sunday Oct. 1st, Seattle Robotics Society presents:


Robothon is FREE and open to the public.

Where: Seattle Center - Center House/Food Pavilion
When: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
What: Two full days of activities including Robo-Magellan, Walking Robot races, Sumo Robot competitions and more.

Saturday afternoon join Western Allied Robotics for 3 and 12 pound Combat Robot Tournament. Combat starts aprox Noon.

Fighting robots = metal carnage = good.
his name is Ken Tazo purpleninja

Seattle Martial Arts schools - experiences?

Just wanting to collect people's impressions of the schools (in whatever style) they've attended in this area, as a sort of repository for future reference!  Particularly useful would be instructor recommendations.

I myself am looking into some new options - I've previously taken Muay Thai and Wing Chun (though not in this state).  I'm more interested in the mental and meditative aspects and the discipline as a whole, rather than just learning self-defense.  I have to say that Taijiquan looks most appealing to me.


GoGo and Burlesque Dancers?

I am looking for GoGo and Burlesque dancers to perform a 30 minute (or so) set at the opening night gala of the Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival to be held Friday, October 13 at the Seattle Aquarium. The gala follows the premiere of John Cameron Mitchell's newest film, SHORTBUS, and will involve a DJ and open bar. This is a private event open only to ticketholders and guests.

This is a paying gig.

If you are interested in knowing more, please leave a comment. Thanks!
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Just another tourist

Hey folks.

I'll be visiting your city in November and was hoping to get a better idea on some things that I wasn't able to attain online.

I'll be staying at the Spaceneedle Travelodge and was wondering if there were any oyster bars or restaurants that serve raw oysters. I thought the Pike Place Market was a good place to look but their website wasn't very informative. Also, is the Space Needle worth the 14.00? Is it just a trip up and then down again?

Any other suggestions of nifty touristy things to do while I'm down is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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for those who drive in this city...

For Immediate Release
September 25, 2006

Contact: Gregg Hirakawa, 206.684.8540

Construction work will close the intersection of Fairview Avenue North and
Valley Street starting Saturday morning, September 30

(Seattle) - The City of Seattle and its contractor will be installing
streetcar rail in the intersection of Fairview Avenue North and Valley
Street starting 5:00 a.m., Saturday, September 30th until 4:00 a.m., Monday,
October 2nd.

During this time the intersection of Fairview Avenue North and Valley Street
will be closed to traffic.

The traffic control plan will include:
Ø Lane restrictions, Mercer Exit from I-5. All traffic from the Mercer Exit
will be diverted southbound onto Fairview Avenue North.
Ø Westbound on Fairview Avenue North to Valley Street will be closed to traffic.
Ø Eastbound on Valley Street to Fairview Ave North will be closed to traffic.

Collapse )

Streetcar rail installation at the intersection of Fairview Avenue North and
Valley Street will be completed during an upcoming weekend in October. To
learn more about the Seattle Streetcar and its construction, please visit or call 206-684-3136.