September 25th, 2006

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I was just emailed this. I thought you all might like to know.


Dancehall musician Buju Banton, is set to perform

Community activists have called upon Neumos to cancel the event and have scheduled the below community meeting and protest. In addition we are asking all concerned citizens to contact
Neumos as well as their elected officials.

Neumos is located right in the center of Capital Hill which is home to many Gay and Lesbian establishments and residents; therefore safety is a major concern. What are Seattle’s elected offices and police force doing to insure that local residents are protected from concert goers who share Buju Banton’s call for the torture and murder of gays?
Seattle Stop Buju Banton, organizing meeting Tuesday, September 26, 2006 to begin at 7 pm, Seattle LGBT Community Center - 1115 East Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122, 206.323.5428

Pre-Concert Community Protest Outside of Neumos, Wednesday, September 27, 2006 to begin at 7:30pm, 925 E. Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122, (Buju Banton's performance

Banton's big hit song, “Boom Bye Bye,” incites the execution-style killing of gay and lesbian people. He urges listeners to shoot gays in the head, pour acid over them, set them alight, and burn them like car tires (see attached ,the Jamaican patios lyrics are followed, line by line, by translations into Standard English)..

Banton does not merely express his disapproval of homosexuality. He calls for all homosexuals to be killed and incites his listeners to go

By giving Banton any kind of platform, Neumos is colluding with a performer who wants gays and lesbians dead. It is our belief that no mainstream club would book performers who call for the death of other groups of people. Even if Banton agrees not to sing his “Boom Bye Bye” song at the Neumos, it would still be wrong to have him on the stage. Singers who incite the murder of gay people (or anyone else) should be shunned, not rewarded. Take the example of a singer with neo-Nazi sympathies, who had previously released a song calling for the gassing of Jews. Would Neumos host them if they promised not to sing their anti-Semitic diatribes? We think not.
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Does anyone know of a place around here that takes formal dresses for girls to wear to school dances? I have like 3 in my closet I will never ever wear again and I would like to donate them.
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Rain gear for fat guys?

So I'm a fat guy looking for a raincoat for this season. I went to Casual Male and they were dumbfounded; I guess they have the mentality that guys are fat because they never go outside. (In my case, that's partially true.) The funny thing is that the Casual Male I used to go to (in Dallas) carried waterproof trenchcoats (my second choice), but the clerk at the CM in Bellevue appeared flabbergasted at the concept.

Do any of you other big dudes have any suggestions where I can find a raincoat in Seattle or Eas'side? Google was of no value.

EDIT: I know Men's Warehouse has trenchcoats, but I'm looking for a raincoat with a hood.

Grocery Delivery

I want to give two thumbs up to  I injured my foot and can not get around too well so I decided to try on-line grocery shopping.  Ordering was a breeze and since it was my first time ordering the delivery fee was waived (normally it is $9.95 or $4.95 for orders over $150.00).  The delivery person was on-time, friendly and professional.  I ordered a variety of items canned food, frozen vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, meat, poultry, household goods and health & beauty products.  I must say I was a little worried about someone else picking my fruit, vegetables and meat but they did an excellent job. I just wish they delivered before 10:00am.

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So, my friend got mugged yesterday afternoon at around 5pm on the corner of 17th & Columbia in the Central(?) district. I just wanted to post something in the slim chance that one of you who lives in the area might find his wallet on the ground or in your yard. There's a good possibly that the wallet was tossed, as there were people around and the guys got scared. It's black and tan and belongs to Scott Houghton. It had his id, social security card, apartment key card and bank cards in it, amongst other things. I know it's pretty futile, but if anyone comes up with anything please email me at Thanks.
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Craving for corn dogs

I want a corn dog. Not the frozen kind; I want a freshly-dipped dog, deep fried to golden, artery-clogging perfection while I wait. Where can I find the best corn dog within a 10 mile radius of downtown Seattle?

There's a Hot Dog on a Stick in Westlake Center that might be worth the walk, but I'd rather learn about your favorite spot.
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Story on Bettie Page Mural

Live Journal broke it first, of course, but for some reason local news has decided to choose today to report on the Bettie Page mural on the side of the house that can be seen from I-5. There was an interview on Komo and there will be a vignette on King 5 tonight at 10. The owner was interviewed for the piece. Yours truly was also interviewed in the segment as "the girlfriend". Rock!

UPDATE: I totally got cut from the segment. The interviewer kept trying to get me to say I was jealous or pissed off about the mural but I wasn't having it. I guess a mellow girlfriend isn't newsworthy.

Also: The second link is now fixed. Sorry, dudes!