September 23rd, 2006


so. many. sirens.

overheard in pioneer square: the following fourteen SFD vehicles howling in unison.

what is a "rescue heavy"?

Date/Time: 9/23/2006 12:24:52 AM
Incident: F060093786
Level: 1
Units: A14 A5 B2 B5 DEP1 E10 E5 L1 L7 M1 M44 R14 SAFT2 STAF10
Location: Sb Sr99 At Lander
Type: Rescue Heavy

Printing and framing-

I asked about digital printing a few months ago.
But right now I am curious as to the quality of those 3x5 Kodak things they have in, like, Bartell's.
I have a 7mp camera, and I wanted to take just a couple Macro photos and a portrait, and put them together for a gift for someone, but if they're going to come out all pixely and stupid I'd rather not waste the money (this is a birthday gift on a tight budget).

Also- where's the cheapest place to find very plain frames for 3x5 photos?
I have some I got at Ikea a while back, but I can't go all the way out there.
Downtown Seattle or West Seattle stores would be best, I'm just looking for shitty frames, preferably wood, for 3x5 photos, if it's at all possible to spend around $15 (or less, less is also good) that would be awesome, but I'm not entirely hopeful of that.
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tourist alert

So my friend and I are coming to visit Seattle on Monday and staying til Thursday morning. We're staying at Hosteling International and we'll be on foot mostly. Aside from all the touristy things we're going to do (because duh we are tourists), is there anything that you as locals would love to share with someone from out of town, something less crowded or less overpriced/overrated? I'd like to get to know Seattle on a less touristy level too. :)

Also, where would be the best spot to check out live music (blues, jazz, rock) for cheap??
And where would you say you can find the best Chai Tea Lattes?

Thanks a ton.

edit: thank you for all the responses but nevermind. i just got a call from the person who i was going with and they cant afford the trip. so basically my trip is cancelled. :(
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For all the MTG geeks

If you play Magic: The Gathering, you probably already know this, but today is The pre-release event at Seattle Center. My husband will be judging at this event, so if you go, make sure you say hi! His name is Sean and hes wearing all black. For more info, please check here. If you havent played in a while, this a good set to come back to. They are reviving a lot of the old cards and rules. Good luck to those of you who attend, you can win some awesome prizes!

autumn feel

hey seattle.

a few of us (who moved here from michigan within the past two years) are desperately looking for some "fall" fun... i'm thinking a good backroad drive that is very treelined... that leads to a cider mill, apple orchard and/or hay rides... corn mazes would be a big plus.

i tried to look around online, but i am not quite sure how to search for it... and i dont know the outside of seattle that well... this would be something to do this weekend... so if anyone has any recommendations to get my autumn into full gear... i'd really appreciate it.

Are you ever scared?

We can show you how not to be
Obsidian Security Group and SPCC Present

Personal Safety/Self Defense Training
at the Sex Positive Community Center (The Wetspot)
Sunday October 8th, 1-3pm
Sunday October 22nd, 1-3pm
$15 Per Workshop For SPCC Members
$20 Per Workshop For Non-SPCC Members
Register in advance for both and receive a 15% discount

This training consists of two workshops which combine lecture, discussion, interactive participation and practical, effective and simple to learn self-defense techniques. Each workshop will consist of frank discussion about the participants’ personal safety concerns and instruction on proven techniques to enhance your personal safety.

Space for this training is very limited. To reserve a space, or for more information, please contact the following:

Obsidian Security Group: 206.725.7192
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Trying again without the awful banner...

Looking for something to do tomorrow?

My husband runs a local airsoft company that is hosting an event tomorrow:

It is not inside the city of Seattle, but to my knowlege there is nowhere one could legally hold an airsoft event within the city of Seattle.  Shooting people with bbs in volunteer park would probably be a very bad idea. 

ps: yes, it's fine if you need to delete this for some reason, but could you please email me about it?  jen at processing dot net.  Thanks.  The link on the userinfo page has very little information about what is/isn't allowed.

Exotic Lumber?

Apologies for another "LJ as personal reference source" post, but I did check Google without much luck (and the memories, though I knew they wouldn't help).

I'm looking for a lumber store that has a wide variety of species (particularly exotics like a olive, palm, figured maple, variety of rosewoods, etc.) available as plank, with quality pieces. Where I grew up, I'd go to 84 Lumber, but the closest one of those is 150 miles away in Oregon. Google supplied me with a wonderful listing of lumber stores... but I have no idea if any of them carry specialty woods, as the few websites that were linked didn't have any useful information. Heck, the 10th store on the list was Home Depot, and I KNOW they don't carry what I'm looking for.

Any suggestions? Preferably on the (south-)east side, but I'll take what I can get.

(For the curious, I'm building a 'fake window' with ~20 32W full-spectrum bulbs. Mmm... giant light box. It'll go on the wall in the yoga room I'm building, and the 'fake window' will have a 'window sill', which is going to be one long, but beautiful, piece of wood. As the centerpiece of the room, it's rather important that it be *GOOD* wood.)

Need to get rid of my camera, upgrading!!! EDIT::SOLD


This was crossposted to craigslist but thought i'd try my seattle lj as well.. A descrption and picture is. We bought a extra memory card as well so if you use 5 mega pixels you get almost 500 hundred pictures if you use 3 mega pixels you get almost 1000 pics.

So the retail price at Walgreens for the camera was $120.00 plus the memory card at $40.00. I've had this baby for two months i'm willing to part with them for $80.00 dollars. If you want let me know.