September 22nd, 2006

High-quality wooden knitting needles

Yeah, ICGATM. I even tried joining seattle_crafts to ask there, but membership is closed. So I'm coming to you guys. I'm flying out of town tomorrow and while TSA rules allow knitting and crocheting supplies to be brought on airplanes, I'd like to forestall any potential issues by getting some wooden needles.

I've tried bamboo needles from Clover, but those a) weren't very easy to work with, and b) broke. Does anyone have a recommendation for a local shop where I can find some high-quality wooden needles? I'd be interested in circular needles and double-pointed needles. JoAnn and Michael seem to carry just the cruddy Clover stuff.

Everett/Marysville "first date" stuff

My friend has a [first] date on Sunday and needs some suggestions as to where to take her. It's not that he's inept, but that because of living arangements and drive-times he's meeting her in Everett/Marysville (she's in Arlington, he's in Edmonds). None of his friends (including me) have any idea where to go as far as food, fun, what have you, in that area. Is there anything cool up there for them to do, or a good place to eat? Something relatively benign and...first-date-y, I guess.

Only condition: he has a fistula in his left arm, so no left-arm-wrestling with big burly dudes or anything. ;)
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So I have a question.

A friend of mine in California is about to have a book published and is going to be launching a book tour. She plans on being in the Seattle area the first or second week of November. The book is a book of short stories with a sort of satire spoof theme with light erotica. Nothing hardcore. The title is Leprechauns, the Perfect Man and Other Mythical Creatures.

She asked me to see if there were any mom and pop bookstores around that might allow her to do a reading so, my question to you all is...

Where might I try sending her? I unfortunately frequent barnes and noble more than the smaller bookstores.
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seattle city council viaduct vote

So the city council's response to the price tag for the tunnel going up by nearly $2 billion is to recommend the tunnel option and to pull the advisory vote from the November ballot. The reason given for not having the public weigh in at the ballot box is that the question would only "confuse" voters. What's so confusing about picking the tunnel, rebuild, or (maybe) the surface street option? Perhaps it has something to do with the price increase on the rebuild only being $.9 billion? Thoughts?
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Just came off of 520 and there is a good 5 car pile up heading east bound (just happened right before I saw it, say 20 minutes ago), just as you hit the water, left lane.

One car was actually underneath the minivan in front of it
I was like, oh noes! Sucky!