September 21st, 2006


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Hey all. I'm looking to plant some trees in our yard this weekend, but I don't know where to purchase them...any suggestions? I've heard Sky Nursery in Shoreline is expensive, and I really hate Home Depot and Lowes. I'd like a good selection since we don't really know what we want, yet. Any help would be appreciated!
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Downtown dining for the non fish lover?

So I'm taking a friend to see Wicked next week, and I need to select a restaurant downtown for dinner before the show. She doesn't like fish (or seafood in general, though she'll dabble with shellfish). So I have a few ideas in mind, but I'm looking for some suggestions. I'm not a picky eater myself. Ideally I'd like some privacy without a heavy "if I'm taking you here I want to bed you" atmosphere. I'll probably dust off the suit for the occasion, so attire would be somewhat dressy.
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Reminder: Pajama party in Belltown

Hey everyone -

Just a reminder about a great party in Belltown this Saturday - a pajama party - hosted by local sketch comedy group Train of Thought. There will be a full bar, DJ, dance floor, truth or dare, the finest sleepwear ;-) and more. There's no cover too.

A few pictures from our last themed party, old skool, are below the cut.

If you have questions let me know! See you there!


Saturday Sep 23, 2006
at 9:00 PM

The Rendezvous (downstairs)
2320 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98105

It's time again! Train of Thought is holding a party on the lower floor of the Rendezvous - and the theme this time is PAJAMA PARTY!

Come wearing your favorite sleepwear, shake your groove thing to DJ Socross and have a few drinks!

We're kicking it off at 9, and the venue closes promptly at 1, so come early and have a great time!

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Nog Lip

Is anyone aware of a local coffee stand that has already started selling the eggnog latte this year? Or is it just too damnably early for that?

Specifically, in the north Seattle/Shoreline/Mill Creeky area? EVEN THOUGH THAT'S NOT SEATTLE PROPA OMG?


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Prepare so the sarky sarky
The Lord told Noah
Prepare so the sarky sarky
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cheapest way to buy concert tickets for the showbox?

I despise paying fees for concert tickets, so I always try to pay for them at the venue. According to Ticketswest, Sia will be performing 11/2 at the Showbox. Tickets will go on sale at Ticketswest outlets on Saturday at 10am. However, the Showbox is only open M-F. I’ve tried to call the Showbox (628-3151) to find out if I can buy them in person early (like you can at Chop Suey), but it’s just a machine. If anyone knows a number where I can get a live person, that would be great...

Does anyone know if they sell tickets early in person (since they apparently don’t sell tickets at the Showbox on Saturdays), or do I just wait until 10am on Saturday and buy them elsewhere? Lastly, if I have to buy them elsewhere, is it cheapest at Rudy’s, over the ’net, or over the phone? Thanks in advance for any help :)

Edit: C at the Showbox emailed me back to let me know tickets won’t be available for purchase at the Showbox until Monday at 11am. So it looks like I’ll be going to Rudy’s Saturday morning... I just wish I’d caught her at the Crocodile this past April...
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Hot tub repair

Yes, Google, memories & Yellow Pages have been checked. I've got a hot tub that won't heat up and I need it repaired pronto since the cold weather is settling in.

Any recommendations for fast, reliable repair?
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Highway 520 will be closed late tonight while the drawbridge is opened. The bridge is scheduled to close at 11:45 p.m. and should open a half-hour later.
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Legal Secs/Assts: How much $$?

Hey all,

Sorry for submitting one of those general-inquiry-probably-not-helpful-to-anyone-but-me posts, but I need some reliable info ASAP and am hopeful that someone around these parts might be interested in helping me out. **I'd like to preface this post with the disclaimer that, yes, I do know that the somewhat-dismal market is laughing in the face of many a job seeker. However, I'm trying to stay positive at this point and I am certain that there are gainfully-employed legal secs/assts out there, hopefully a few of whom will be kind enough to offer some info.**

I have been living away from the NW for awhile now, but am preparing to return as I write this. As such, I hope to land a Legal Secretary/Assistant (NOT a paralegal) job in Seattle, but am completely out of touch with current salaries. Can anyone please tell me, should I be fortunate to hear that glorious "What kind of salary are you looking for?" question, what a reasonable request might be? I have 5+ years of general admin. experience and a few of those were logged at one of the country's major law firms (not in Seattle). So...whaddaya think?

Thanks so very much!
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Hi all. I checked memories and found a few entries that are older...

I'm looking for a great acupuncturist for sciatica, some digestive issues, and some other tinkering. I'd like someone who uses herbs as well. I'm willing to pay for it if the practitioner is most excellent. I'd really like someone who is very skilled. Preferably not super newagey. Located in NE Seattle (ravenna area) would be an extra bonus but not necessary.

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Hello! A few months ago, I sent out 50% off cards when I was a student at Gene Juarez Academy, and had 25-30 people from seattle actually come in to see me at the academy - this helped me to graduate as Student of the Month AND Featured Student artist! Thank you to everyone who came in!

A lot of people who came in said they wanted to know where I ended up working, but I lost the list of phone numbers I had :(

Well, for anyone that is interested, I am working at Derby Salon on Roosevelt! I am part of the New Talent program, taking guests three days a week! Since I am new, my prices are a few dollars lower than the base right now.

If you're interested in visiting me at the Salon, I take guests on Mon/Thurs/Sat. You can call 206-526-1470 and schedule an appointment with me (Chivahn) 7 days a week.

Thanks guys!

Note: I just do hair. Color, cut, foil, blow dry & style....I don't do the spa stuff or nails.