September 20th, 2006


Male actors/models needed


Friday Oct 6, 7:00pm and 8:30pm. Fashion Show Parade of Costumes. Two shows.
Models exhibit head-to-toe fabulous looks for Halloween (wigs, footwear, make-overs, rental costumes). Twelve couples exhibit (12 men) per show. Come see what goes together and get ideas for your own look.

MODELS: We need up to 12 men, we'll be pairing in couple costumes for the show. Each pair will parade from the store, to the market area, strike a pose in front of the stage for a photo, then add drama as you interact in character while walking among the seated people. Plan to wear two costumes each, one for 7:00pm show, one for 8:30 show. Arrival time for make-up/hair/wardrobe will be scheduled according to character, starting at 4:15. Plan to do both shows and stay until about 9pm. Anyone interested must email INFO@AMASQUERADE.COM with photo of self, measurements (chest, waist), and we'll reply with assignment of character and arrival time. Barter compensation rate: One $25 gift certificate (for our store) per each 2-hours of work.

Willingness to have gore stuck to your face

NOTE-were looking for ANY size, no experience neccisary, but character required!

thanks Betsy
narm narm narm

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So I am coming across 520 and there is this giant riverboat chugging along in Lake Washington, heading towards Lake Union. It was kind of an interesting sight as the thing was HUGE. I was actually wondering if it was actually going to fit inbetween to get to the other lake.

It said Empress of the North, anyone know what its about?
pink lady

cheapest/fastest airport shuttle to ballard?

Didn't see what I was looking for in the memories, so here goes:

After a seriously wacky weekend adventure including Graceland and Dollywood, I will be flying back into Seattle around 10:15 Sunday night. Since I have to work the next day (boo), I don't really want to do a shuttle that will take forever to get me home (I live near Golden Gardens, so I'm always their last stop), nor do I want to deal with busses at that time of night.

I have called around to a few reasonably-priced town car/taxi services, but they all tell me not to make a reservation, to just call them when I land and they'll be available. I'm sure you can understand why I'm suspicious of this system. It's never that easy.

So. Henceforth. Can any of you tell me if you have personal recommendations for a door-to-door service, Sea-Tac to Sunset Hill, that will A) hopefully have me as its only passenger (i.e. the aforementioned town car or cab), B) run me (ideally) $30ish, and C) either let me make a reservation or convince me beyond doubt that they will be available when I get to the aiport? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks, y'all.

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Bachelorette party

I'm planning a bachelorette party for my best friend. So, what are some good Seattle-based bachelorette party ideas? There are, however, a couple of requirements:

1) Must be for 18 and over, because some of the bridal party members are under 21, but all are over 18

2) No strippers, as requested by the bride.

Any thoughts?

Career Counselor Recs


I am looking for some career counselor recommendations in the Seattle/Eastside area. Google gave me numerous agencies so I am curious if anyone has had any experience with any of them. They all seem equally expensive so the more info I can get the better a chance I'll have at get the most bang for my buck.

I checked the memories and saw a recommendation for Bridgeway. This was more expensive than all the others so I'm wondering if it is really worth it and if so what sets it apart. I'm not looking for job search/resume help, but more counseling for a job change and future career development planning. I need someone who can really guide me as I myself don't exactly know what I want.

Thanks for your time- I really appreciate it!

Tacoma booming? McChord or Fort Lewis? (Time 7:50pm)

Hiya, I'm down south in Tacoma (near Puyallup) and our house is getting shaked with 'booms' coming from the Fort Lewis/McChord direction.  We've had this happen during the day every now and again when they are doing "testing" (of what I don't know), but it's late - nearly 8pm, and it's pretty freaky to have this happen now.  Anyone have any idea what's up or what they are doing?  I tried looking online, but I haven't a clue what to even look for.

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