September 18th, 2006

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Hey everybody.

I'm posting from the far off city of Boston.

A guy at work who lived in Seattle for a while bought some sweet new old stock 1940's plastic frames from a store located someplace in Seattle. He mentioned the name to me, but it slipped my mind before I could search for it on Google.

I believe that it contains the word "street" some place in the name. I googled for a while looking for an eyeware store with the word "street" in the name located in seattle, but I couldn't find it. Google usually doesn't defeat me, but this time I failed.

So anyway, I was just wondering if anybody knew the store. They apparently get new old stock glasses from abandoned warehouses and then sell them.

Thanks for your time.
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Personal trainer

Hi there!

I'm looking for a personal trainer on Capitol or First Hill. I don't have any equipment at home, so I'd need someone with their own facilities if possible. Any recommendations?

Also, if there is someone really good that isn't in either of these places, I'd also be up for hearing about them.


Laptop repair?

I can't believe no one's asked this, but I didn't see anything in the memories. I'm looking for a reputable laptop repair place, with reasonably fast turnaround, in the city of Seattle. The closer to downtown the better. Obviously I can Google but I'd like personal recommendations.

Model call for Males and Females

Friday Oct 6, 7:00pm and 8:30pm. Fashion Show Parade of Costumes. Two shows.
Models exhibit head-to-toe fabulous looks for Halloween (wigs, footwear, make-overs, rental costumes). Twelve couples exhibit (12 men and 12 women) per show. Come see what goes together and get ideas for your own look.

MODELS: We need up to 12 women and up to 12 men, we'll be pairing in couple costumes for the show. Each pair will parade from the store, to the market area, strike a pose in front of the stage for a photo, then add drama as you interact in character while walking among the seated people. Plan to wear two costumes each, one for 7:00pm show, one for 8:30 show. Arrival time for make-up/hair/wardrobe will be scheduled according to character, starting at 4:15. Plan to do both shows and stay until about 9pm. Anyone interested must email INFO@AMASQUERADE.COM with photo of self, measurements (chest, waist), and we'll reply with assignment of character and arrival time. Barter compensation rate: One $25 gift certificate (for our store) per each 2-hours of work.

NOTE-were looking for ANY size, no experience neccisary, but character required!

thanks Betsy

One-Time Document Shredding

Strange request: we need a lot of paper shredded...once. We don't go through many confidential files in my office, but now that a very large case has ended we're stuck with doubles of almost everything and need to have it picked up and taken to some sort of "shredding place." Everywhere I've found (Google) focuses solely on repeat service or putting a giant "shred box" in your office that they remove once every so often. But I don't need that.

Is there a place that is reasonably priced, will take our documents, and can shred them once without needing to sign us up for a "shredding schedule"?
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So you are going to a late show at the Moore (around 10ish)
What is your favorite place to get food/drink within walking distance that isn't EXTREMELY pricey or super nice (thinking don't have to be dressed up to go to)

I googled around to see what was near the Moore but I kept getting El Guacho, Dahlia Lounge, etc (pricey and too fancy for I think what we are looking for)

Would love to hear peoples suggestions on where they like to go when they are in that area!


beacon hill.

i just moved to the beacon hill neighbourhood, and it seems like there are literally NO video rental places around here. did i miss something?

i would appreciate reccommendations of ANY kind for places to go in this neighbourhood too. it seems kind of inconvenient if you live at the top of the hill and don't have a car.



I'm an engineer looking to get my foot in the door at SonoSite and was wondering if anyone here works there or knows someone who works there. I'd love to hear about what it's like.

You can comment here or email me at

Thanks for your help.

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Need VET for house call / end of life treatment

I did search/check memories but I didn't see anything like this. I also searched the WA State veterinary website. I'm looking for a vet who makes house-calls and home euthanizations. The catch is I live in Shoreline in Richmond Beach. My cat is sick (she has cancer and we have done everything we can, she has a few weeks left at most). I would like to get names/numbers now so I am prepared with a vet I like when the time comes. My current vet does not make house calls.
Thanks for any help.