September 16th, 2006



Hey Seattle, I need your help. I'm getting really tired of flakey and stuck-up tattoo artists making off with my deposits without giving me the quality work I'm looking for. I have yet to find a tattoo artist or shop that I can depend on to keep their appointments, provide friendly and somewhat humble customer service and really quality tattoo work. I know somebody's got to know some tattoo shops that have their shit together and do this business right, so I'm asking you where I should go. All recommendations are greatly appreciated and any and all details of which tattoo artists are good at what are also very helpful. Thank you so so much!

Poll #822746 Tattoo Artists?

What is a tattoo shop you strongly recommend in the Seattle area?

Which tattoo artist at the shop do you recommend and why? Do they have any specialties?

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Seattle businesses

So which businesses (in the Seattle area) do you think are Illegal-Activity fronts haunted?


And yes, I'm serious! I didn't grow up in Seattle and people who have seem to know about these sort of things.... you know, which places to avoid at 1:00am.
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don't worry your just as sane as i am

Auto repair on a Sunday?

Ok, I've looked through the tags and memories but didn't find anything helpful. I'm looking for an honest and reputable auto repair shop, with decent pricing, that's open on Sundays. I checked out Lioe's but unfortunately they're closed on Sundays. Our alternator's gone to hell. We have a '96 Ford Explorer Sport. The alternator is in there by 3 bolts and the general wiring. I know this shot not take all that long to install. I'm figuring an hour to an hour and a half for the entire job. I don't have the right tools so I can't do it at home. TIA!

Yeah, duh... We're in W Seattle. We have AAA so we can have it towed by them. Hoping for somewhere within a 20 mi. radius of 98146.
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