September 15th, 2006

Me and butch

Guardian Angel Day 9/16/2006

5th Annual Guardian Angel Day!

Learn how to identify and report animal abuse and neglect in the City of Seattle. Seattle has it's own Animal Cops! Success stories will be displayed. Pet disaster preparedness materials available. Free magnets, stickers, and info.
Start Time: 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Location: Greenlake - on the main path across from the pool building
Cost: No Charge....FREE!
Contact: Seattle Animal Shelter 206-386-PETS
Sponsored by: Movin 92.5 Radio
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New study advocates not replacing viaduct

The state too quickly dismissed plans to tear down and not replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct, and for all the wrong reasons, according to a disputed new report issued earlier this week -- just before the Seattle City Council plans to make key decisions on the viaduct's future.

The study, by Vermont-based Smart Mobility, says the state overstated the amount of traffic downtown during the next 25 years and downplayed the role public transportation could play. It also says most viaduct traffic could be served better by local streets.

The report -- done for two Chicago-based groups, the Congress for the New Urbanism and the Center for Neighborhood Technology -- argues that Seattle has more capacity than the state Department of Transportation claims to absorb viaduct traffic. Both organizations support removal of urban highways.

"In the debate on the viaduct, WSDOT has done the public a disservice by stressing in (its) communications simplistic and wrong-headed myths about the transportation system," the report said.
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Putting the Fun in Seattle Fundamentalism

Many of you are familiar with the bastions of Christian fundamentalism in the Seattle area: the Discovery Institute, best known for its agenda of advancing Intelligent Design in classrooms; the Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, home of Kun Hutcherson, the famously anti-gay pastor credited with pressuring Microsoft to temporarily abandon their support of gay rights in Washington state.

Seattle’s most prolific conservative mega-church, it turns out, is clad in modern architecture, hosts the all-ages club Paradox, nestled in next-hip-thing Ballard, and flush with a thousands-strong congregation of tattooed social misfits. Mars Hill Church has long been the subject of speculation about misogyny and apocalyptic revelations, and sifting souls from the youth movement. A feature article in by Lauren Sandler lays much of this bare, revealing a fundamentalist church obsessed with enforcing gender roles, maintaining insular social networks, reversing the political nature of Seattle by way of aggressive breeding, and in thrall to the pastor, Mark Driscoll.

[Church co-founder and lead pastor] Driscoll has established a nationwide apparatus to push back women’s rights through the “liberation theology” of submission. The online application for church planting is an extremist screening device to this effect. It begins with a lengthy doctrinal assertion that every word of the Bible is literal truth; the application plucks out the examples of creationism and male headship of home and church to clarify this doctrine. “We are not liberals,” it says. “We are not egalitarian.”

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What's Cookin' Wallingford

Last weekend, we enjoyed the "What's Cookin' Wallingford" festival a lot. Do they ever have similar festivals in other neighborhoods in Seattle?

For those who don't know, it's a festival where lots of restaurants in Wallingford (most along or very near 45th) open up and sell a sample (or sometimes a whole plate) of their food out on the sidewalk for $3. It's a fundraiser for the FamilyWorks Food Bank.