September 14th, 2006

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Remember way back when, people voted for what they wanted their city represented by on the new Monopoly board? Apparently, the people have spoken. Iirc, the picture for Pioneer Square had the Space Needle in it. Edit: The picture is of a building with the top of the Smith Tower poking out behind it.

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from the Puget Sound Business Journal:

Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle has replaced New York Avenue in the newest edition of Parker Brothers' classic board game Monopoly.

And players can now travel around the game as a Starbucks coffee mug or a laptop computer.

About 3 million people voted online to determine which landmarks from 22 cities would make it to Monopoly's "Here & Now" edition, which hits stores Thursday. The landmarks with the most votes earned the highest rent spaces on the board.

New York City's Times Square earned the coveted "Boardwalk" -- the most expensive property space. Boston's Fenway Park earned the "Park Place" spot.

Other landmarks that made it on the board include the White House, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and Las Vegas Boulevard.

"We are thrilled that Pioneer Square has been incorporated into the new Monopoly game," said Katie Comer, manager of community development and marketing for the Pioneer Square Community Association, in a statement. Pioneer Square sits between the "Free Parking" spot and the Johnson Space Center in Houston on the new board.

The game also has newly appraised property values -- players landing on Times Square will pay $20 million rent, for example.

shiny rave-style postcard-sized cards? or a little smaller?

Hi. I don't know where to start to find what I'm looking for, so I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone had any advice on where to go in Seattle for what I want.

What I want is--you know those shiny, full-cover cards people used to give out at clubs to advertise raves and other upcoming club nights? They were (and maybe still are, for that matter--I don't go out much anymore so it's been a long time since I've gotten one)--small, two-sided, full-color, and glossy, on medium-weight cardstock.

Here's the thing: I would need to have someone design the card for me--because all I have is an actual physical copy of my book, the cover of which I want reproduced on the card. I want to be able to hand these cards out to advertise my book, so they have to look eye-catching and have information on how to contact me for readings, etc.

So--where would I go, where I could bring my book in and talk to someone about the design of the cards and what information I want on them (in addition to the image of my book cover), where I could get it designed and printed--ideally, for Not Very Much Money?

Would Kinko's do something like this? I have no idea where to even start or how to ask for what I want. Is there an industry term for those rave cards, so at least I can ask for them correctly?

Any assistance from people who know more about local print-shop stuff than I do would be very, very appreciated.

Oh, and I live in Lower Queen Anne, so a downtown-ish location would be ideal. Thank you for reading this whole wordy post and for any advice you may have for me.
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Whither Mike Hunt?

Did SCAN finally use the guillotine to get rid of him? His show hasn't been on in two weeks now. The schedule grid on their site doesn't seem to have him listed anymore.

I notice Goddess Kring was moved an hour earlier though. That's curious.

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What's the best month for oysters in Seattle?

So, my fiance and I have been holding on to a generous gift certificate to Brooklyn Seafood, Steak, & Oyster House since June, waiting for the best "month that ends in 'R" to celebrate with copious quantities of delectable oysters and delicious champagne. However, since this is our first year in Seattle, and former Austinites don't know anything really useful about oysters (except how to enjoy them!), when's the absolute best time to indulge in oysters in Seattle? And, do you have a favorite oyster-and-champagne combination we shouldn't miss?! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas!
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info about West Seattle- living in Shorewood

I'm moving to West Seattle- I found a cute little rental house in Shorewood, but I'm not familiar with that area so I've been doing my research and it seems good so far. I thought I'd inquire here as well....

It's on the south end of West Seattle on 106th (right off of 35th). I know White Center is shady, but it's far enough away from there. The owner says she hasn't had any problems with crime at all.

Do you have experience in the area- living or visiting? Good or bad? We love this place and want to lease it but I want some more personal feedback before we sign our life away for a year......

Christmas Decor?

So we came home from the store this evening to find a cardboard box stuffed into the hedges in front of our house in Wallingford. We pulled it out and found it was full of.. Christmas decorations. Yes, I mean plastic holly and poinsettias, a plastic sleigh, to/from gift labels, angel ornaments, spray glitter, and various other circa-1960s holiday decor. So, uh, did anyone happen to drop a whole box of holiday decorations in our bushes? W-e-i-r-d.

ETA: UPDATE. I realized this morning that the box the decorations were in looked really familiar. I figured out that it was a box that I'd seen across the street in the neighbor's yard with a "free" sign on it earlier in the week. I guess the neighbor got sick of it in their yard and threw it into our bushes. This morning, I carried the box across the street and put it back in their yard. :)

Help/Advice with moving overseas? (Seattle/ Renton to Ireland)

I am not moving an entire household but I have quite a lot of clothes, bicycle and maybe a dining set that I'd like to move with me. Has anyone here been through a similar experience or know of shipping information? I really don't know how to go about this and how or if I'd need to use/rent a shipping container as in cargo by boat or what the best plan of action is.
Thanks for your help in advance and sorry I am so clueless here.