September 13th, 2006

Best doughnuts in Seattle?

In October I am flying back to Seattle for a much-needed vacation. To celebrate my return after being exiled in Kansas for four years, my friend Terra and I are going to have an all-day doughnut-fest in an attempt to find the best doughnut in Seattle.

I have consulted Google, memories, and pestered friends. Now I turn to you guys: where in Seattle can the best doughnuts be found?


Best film roll development $10 can buy?

I need to get a roll of film developed and printed - that's your standard 35 mm 24-shot negative color film, printed to standard 4x6's.

Where is the best quality that can be obtained for $10 or less? Just to be clear, I *know* I can get prints for $5. I am not interested in ultra-cheap drug store prints because those are often quite unreliable in terms of quality.

(Yes, I already checked the 28 'photography' memories. No, I didn't check Google - I'm looking for personal experience.)


Edit: In addition to the helpful suggestions below, I also found Ballard Camera ( and Capitol Hill 60-Minute Photo (googlable).

Finally went to see the Double Take Exhibit at the EMP.

It was interesting the way it was set up. Not a lot of history about the artist, just talking about aspects that two pieces had in common. Some were obvious, like several depictions of the Grand Canal in Venice. Other's seemed pretty unrelated. And Frankly, still seemed unrelated even after the explanation. Regardless, the collection of art there is absolutely amazing: Degas, Monet, Manet, Renoir, Segat...anyone with even a fleeting interest in the impressionists should make the $8 investment to see it.

I'm less familiar with contemporary artists, but I found that my favorite piece was The Kiss by Roy Lichtenstein. Which, begs for the comparison to The Kiss by Klimt, but it wasn’t mentioned. Instead it is being compared to a Renoir painting. But I guess we can’t expect Mr. Allen to own both. I think they did a good job of taking a private collection, that was shaped soley around the taste of one family, and making something new and interesting out if. The Kiss

It's only on until the 24th.

Edit It's now on until the end of '06



hey everybody, we're looking for hair models at RED for a big ol party that we're throwing on october 21st.

we need people that are willing to part with their precious locks in some way or another. in other words, if you don't want anyone to fuck with your hair, don't bother.

all our stylists are incredibly talented and won't leave you looking like an idiot, i PROMISE!

if you're interested, send a quick note and at least one picture that shows both your face and your hair to

thanks a lot guys!


And so begins that perfect time of year...

Where is Seattle's best soup?

Goodness, I could live off soup. Disclaimer: I hate Pho; I love french onion. I love Soup Daddy, but it's never open late enough. Downtown / Capitol Hill is best. Garlic, mushrooms, onions, spinach and other greens, cream-ofs are the best. Legumes are off limits. I believe Soup Daddy has the best clam chowder in the west coast, but please, prove me wrong.

Ready, go!

Good, but reasonably priced vets

After being quoted a $450 estimate for a standard teeth cleaning (plus a $50 pre-op blood test, which brings the total to $500) I am trying to find a vet / animal hospital that provides quality care, yet is more reasonably priced. I have a dog and live in the U-District.

I did look in the Memories, but most questions were regarding finding extremely inexpensive vets for a specific one-time need, or from people who needed deferred payment plans etc. What I'm trying to find here is something different - a quality vet whom I can stick with for the rest of my life - someone whom I can entrust with my dog, but does not charge prices that make it hard to do so and make me fear vet visits. It *has* to be someone who is dependable, honest, personalized, and compassionate towards the animal.

Yes, I know it's hard to find something both good *and* cheap - it sounds like I'm trying to have my cake and eat it too. All I can say is that my old vet in Oregon did provide excellent, quality care without charging an arm and a leg, over the five years that I lived there and used their services. So I know such people exist, and I just need to find them.

Places near the U-District would be ideal, but I'm OK with driving further as necessary. Some of the hospitals I've looked into (on the Web) are Phinney Ridge, Northwest, Northeast, Aurora, and even Rainier, but it's hard to derive any kind of conclusion with regard to either pricing or quality of care without getting people's personal experiences on these two points. What would be especially valuable is the input of people who have used a particular vet for several years.

Thanks a lot!