September 11th, 2006

Lost stars

recycling of old computer monitors

I am looking to recycle or donate four old style monitors (17 inch). I've contacted the United Way and have messages in to Friends of Youth and Catholic Churches. I thought I would ask here too. I'm on the Eastside Bellevue/Kirkland? and would prefer a pick-up. thanks!
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Floating Options

Four Plans to Replace the 520 Floating Bridge (The Stranger)

At a price tag of $2 billion, the cheapest option is a basic four-lane rebuild.Collapse )

The next step up in price is the six-lane base optionCollapse )

The $2.9 billion Second Montlake Bridge optionCollapse )

The most extensive design is dubbed the six-lane Pacific Interchange option.Collapse )

Every option will also implement tolls—an estimated $3.50 charge each way—that will finance $700 million of the construction cost. Those tolls are part of the solution to the project's money problem: The bridge has $1.2 billion in funds secured from taxes and tolls, but planners are hoping voters will choose to pony up another billion dollars for the project via the Regional Transportation Improvement District (RTID) ballot measure next year. If the measure falls through, it's back to the drawing board.

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Something funny

14th and Howell traffic circle was up to 7 monitors on the 4th.

7 monitors now
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Dan Savage even wrote an article about it. They disappeared the next day. I was disappointed. Well, disappointed until today. I ride my bicycle on 14th daily. On my way home, I noticed the new "Sculpture Park".

dan savage memorial park
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this is where the 7 monitors a week ago where. Lol
The Stranger Slog even has a post up about it, with a few better pictures than the one my camera phone took. I wonder what will happen next?

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I got a new job and thus new health insurance (through Aetna Select, whatever that is). Help me pick new medical personnel. I need a physician, a gynecologist, and a dentist, preferably in the north Seattle/Shoreline area, but I will travel if need be. I prefer female doctors, gender of dentists doesn't matter. If they're open to alternative/natural therapies that's a plus.

So tell me about how rock your doctor is and why I should go see them. Thanks in advance.