September 9th, 2006

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Riding my scooter home in tonight's light rain I witnessed not one but two dangerous auto spinouts. The roads are still covered with a summer's worth of oily grime, which mixes with the first rains to form a deceptively slippery surface. Be ready to slide when stopping, especially on hills.

Update: Show us your scooter!!!
Fremont Zombie #2

Zombie Walk @ University Village Oct. 29th 2006

Zombie Walk

Walk with your un-dead brethren through the corridors of the Emerald City’s most uppity shopping center- University Village. With all your gore and glory, smile at the soccer Moms and dine on Seattle shoppers!

Be one of us because you are a Horror movie fan, because you love costume, or to make a statement. How often do you get to participate in something this weird and free?

All that is required is that you show up in costume, respect laws and practice common sense. Bring your friends. Nothing says you love someone quite like caking yourself in make-up, limping down the street together and eating them in the shopping mall!

Zombies are infiltrating U-Village on Oct. 29th, closing in on people in the outdoor corridors, then catching dinner at Atlas & a Zombie flick somewhere....

Meet at the QFC 45th St. parking lot @ 4:30 PM Sharp
Join us at 6:00 for cocktails/dinner at Atlas (cash only!)-

$5.00 8:15 Zombie movie! TBA @ the Historic University Theater
5510 University Way NE • Seattle, Washington • (206) 352-8291

Potentially useful things to keep in mind:
1. Participate at your own risk.
2. Do not pretend to “attack” people not part of Zombie Walk who do not obviously want to be involved.
3. Only swarm parked cars because, if we cause traffic problems- the Police will interfere.
4. There are no permits for this event. Be safe and look out for the safety of others!

There have been Zombie Walks all over the country…..
Check out:

You can see a map of the shopping center on the University Village website:

This time I'd like to see:

1. A slower Zombie shuffle.
2. More screaming victims.
3. Bloodier "kills"
4. more Zombies arriving en mass by public transport.
5. A few planned scenarios.... like- corralling of "victims" in a corridor!

Getting to the Village

For more information, visit

* We all will need to work together to stay a horde! Zombies are only really effective when traveling together in large groups. More details T.B.A..

Join the LJ Zombie Walk Community:
I also am on Tribe.Net:
Join that tribe if you would like to see postings.
And.....if you are a MySpace junky:

Thanks for making Zombie Walks so much fun!

Yours cruelly,

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PF Chang's FTW

Last night, Mrs. teh_funnay and I decided to try PF Chang's (Westlake Center) for some sit-down dining. It's a place we'd never been, so what the hell

We walked in, were warmly greeted by the host staff and seated in Derek's section. He was polite, friendly, and seriously into the menu.

What happened over the next hour was almost indescribable. Derek TOOK CARE of us - complimenting us on our food choices (not just 'Oh, that's my favorite!' but "Great choice! That's got a really hearty taste, I think you'll like it"). He helped my wife decide what she wanted to order, using his enthusiasm and knowledge to figure out what she was looking for, and then recommending some items. She decided on the 'Combo' lo mein. I got the lamb. We decided to split the salt and pepper calamari appetizer, and I ordered a beer.

Derek popped back by at opportune moment - never intruding, just checking up. Waters were refilled without having to wait, the food was served quickly.

We ordered the chocolate cake, he asked us to let him know if we needed coffee with it (answer: Yes, we did. It was too chocolaty and rich for just water and beer).

I am not kidding when I say that it was some of the, if not the, finest service I've ever gotten in a resteraunt. Coupled with the prices at PF Chang's it was a supremely positive dining experience. On our way out, we stopped at the host stand and asked for a comment card. The gentleman at the front dropped everything and asked if everything was all right - we assured him that it was, and that we just wanted to brag on the great service we'd just gotten from Derek. He asked us to wait for a moment, finished his conversation with the host staff, and then asked us to elaborate. We related out supreme experience, and let him know how awesome Derek was. I think we made his night - he produced a business card, and he was Adam, the operating partner of the restaurant and he went and brought us coupons for free appetizers. Which blew us away.

Adam said that so often people complain and expect free things, that it made him happy to be able to Reciprocate our good feedback. HE also said that Derek was relatively new, and that he (Adam) was happy that Derek was doing so well. Just awesome.

We'll be going back. And we're telling EVERYONE how good we had it last night.

Really, the stats are that if you have a bad customer service experience, you'll tell 10 people. If you have a good one, you'll tell two. Having worked customer service and dining for a lot of years, I think it's important to note and share the good stories, as much if not more than the bad.

Oh, and the food was REALLY good, too.
blue black

Question for those who might know...

Neighbors Underground: is it open tonight (Saturday)? It's a friend's 21st, and I promised to take her out, but she has minors in tow, and we want to make sure they have some fun too. If it's not open, does anyone out there have any suggestions for 18+ queer-friendly, dance-oriented fun?

Clothing repair

I am trying to find a place to get some clothes repaired. One is wool coat with tears and the other is a lace dress that I ripped. I know neither of these will be cheap. Any help is greatly appreciated because I love these two pieces and hate seeing them just sitting in my closet.

Thanks for your help!
Anna Bolina


Best falafel (falafel gyros/sandwiches, preferably) in Seattle? So far I've only tried Aladdin on the Ave.

Bonus points if you know if their sauce is vegan. Thanks!

And yes, I checked the memories.