September 8th, 2006

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Seeking venue for math tutoring

Hi, I may start tutoring a few students in math -- they're from the area between Kenmore and Bothell, and I live in Greenwood.

Does anyone know of a venue (public library, etc.) between the two, preferably a bit closer to the students than to me, which would make a good meeting place in the late afternoon through early evening?

Handicapped accessibility is a big plus although not absolutely necessary.

I'll drive to their home if there's no other choice, but I'd like to offer them some other alternatives, especially since it would be more convenient for me too.

Thanks! (If the question has ever appeared in this community, I haven't found it)

Grocery delivery

Okay, time to be a good assistant.

My boss just got out of hip surgery and is stuck at home all weekend. He's a big fan of gourmet food - sushi, high-end italian, and those sandwiches that are so delicious it would be a crime NOT to charge ten dollars for one. He likes eating at places like Palomino, Wild Ginger, Dragonfish and Il Fornaio (sp). His sister wants to find a gourmet grocery that delivers and surprise him with easy-to-prepare (ie toss it in the oven for twenty minutes) meals while he's laid up on Oxycontin. Her problem: she lives in New York. Her solution: call the assistant he "thinks the world of" and have her find the best place to deliver said groceries.

Now my boss may think the world of me, but that doesn't mean I've got the inside scoop on everything! I've never used anything like this and would like some personal recommendations. I have googled and citysearched, but personal recommendations are always prefered when it comes to food.

There is no price limit on this, but the place must deliver to a house Queen Anne and take credit cards over the phone.

Wow.. I"m retarded

(no subject)

Mini Golf closest to West Seattle, preferably inexpensive and easy to get to by Metro.

Any suggestions?

It's for an insane birthday party.
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I need some opinions

I need as many opininons as I can possibly get.

On or around December 1st I will working with a team to start a coffee shop that is appealing ot Seattlites the main thing I emphasised to owners is I wanted to be open LATE or early depending on how you look at it.

What kinda of decor, atmoshpere, prices, themes etc... would each of your like to see in coffee shop around down town?

Really as many opinions as I can possilby get, no matter how small the detail.

Thanks for your input in advance.