September 7th, 2006


Engineer for a Day on board historic tugboat ARTHUR FOSS

Curious about the big historic ships at South Lake Union Park? Love local and maritime history? Interested in really, really big engines? Have parents in town for the start of classes who you'd like to get rid of bring to an interesting event for a day?

Engineer for a Day:
Start the tugboat ARTHUR FOSS’s historic diesel engine

On Saturday, September 16, light the fire in the 1932 Washington Ironworks 700 horsepower direct-reversing diesel engine onboard the historic wooden tugboat ARTHUR FOSS, the original "Tugboat Annie". Experience the startup procedure and the operational maintenance required to run this classic engine. Learn about the engineer's duties on board working vessels, and about marine diesel and steam engines. Also take in the FOSS’s unique history hauling supplies and miners to the Klondike Gold Rush, escaping as the last American vessel out of Wake Island before the Japanese invasion, and becoming a fixture of Seattle’s fleet of historic ships.

BONUS! Participants receive engine room tours of the Fireboat DUWAMISH and the Lightship SWIFTSURE (Lightship #83), historic working vessels currently not open to the public. In addition to firing up the FOSS's engine, come enjoy this rare opportunity to step on board two of Seattle's unique heritage vessels.

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Memoirs of a Pain Junkie...
  • betty_x


Celebrate Exotic Underground's Second Year Anniversary in the TRILOGY OF CHAOS: PART TWO
Starring BETTY X with the Sunday Night Showgirls Exotic Dancer Cabaret.
At the infamous noc noc nightclub, 21+. $10 at the door. Free tee and CD giveaways to those who are dressed to kill.
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  • j_ryde

A good rope swing?

I'm trying to track down a good rope swing near seattle. Yep, the good ol' fashioned rope, tied to a tree, to swing on and drop off into a nice refreshing body of water. Be it a lake, river, or otherwise (ship canal excluded!) I'd like to hear about it. I've heard of one into lake washington over in the St Edwards area, but where exactly?! Anyone know where else i could find one? Thanks! Summer is almost over and I want to get my swing on.

Moving services

I am planning on moving at the end of the month & was wondering if there are any services like Door to Door Storage (where you pack all your stuff into a container that is put on a truck and moved to your new place) for in city moving. Alternatively, will a queen size mattress + box spring fit in the bed of a Flex Car pickup truck? Or should I just rent a damn Uhaul?

WA. State luxury resorts


I am looking for luxury resort recommendations. I am looking for something in Washington State (not in Seattle/Eastside area) that has a full service spa and fine dining (romantic ambience a plus). Thank you so much for any responses!