September 6th, 2006

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internet service oroviders, capitol hill

(FYI: Jake the beagle found a great home on a farm! Thanks to *all* the responses!)

So, I've been fighting with Speakeasy for a month now to get my internet service activated, and I can't seem to get anybody out to my apartment. Comcast doesn't have service for my address, and I don't know really where else to turn at this point. I can't not have internet, between my job and my general geeky lifestyle.

Can somebody please recommend a prompt, reliable ISP for the Capitol Hill area? I would be ever-so-greatful!

Max Senate

How about those Senatorial candidates this year? Reading the Voters' Pamphlet, the one with the eagle on crutches on the cover, is good for about five minutes of sick laughs. The Democrats are a buggy lot: the guy whose platform is based on space exploration and whose middle name is given as "Goodspaceguy"; the guy who's a one-note anti Israel candidate; the woman who calls herself the only candidate to call for withdrawl from Iraq -- never mind that most of the others make that same call; and the wonderful Mike the Mover, whose statement this year is some kind of rap or something. "Lock up your daughters, Mike is back in town! The blimp, the blimp!"
The Republicans are just as risible, though. There's some fossil who rails against world communism: "If you want the commies to get you I can't help you!". There's one guy who concludes his statement with his blood pressure, as if that's a good judge of character.
Incidently, I initially thought the eagle on the cover was pretty strange, a tacky thing to put on the cover of the pamphlet, until I read that the artist has MS. Oh, then, that makes it all right.

Am I Hosed?

So here's the deal.

I recently moved out of an apartment. We had a month-to-month lease, and the building waived its right to a security and pet deposit. When we first moved into the apartment, we had a pug, but a few months after, we rescued a border collie. The border collie had a few accidents in the first couple of weeks, but we made sure to clean it up and washed the carpet thoroughly.

I just received a bill from the apartment complex asking for $1400 for carpet replacement. I tried looking up the situation in the tenant's law websites, and tried figuring out which of the numbers with their thousands of taped messages, all to no avail.

What I'm trying to figure out is, if an apartment complex waives its right to those deposites, is it still my responsibility to pay for a new carpet to be put in? The aparment complex claims the carpet was new, but I know for a fact that it wasn't (one of my roomates actually works for the complex.) When I spoke to representative last week, I asked her why were we were being charged so much for a 900 square foot piece of carpet, and she told me that "since the carpet is supposed to last for five years, you are technically paying for those five years that the carpet was supposed to last." I responded with, "Are you telling me that I'm paying for the same piece of carpet five times?" To which she said, "Yes."

I was wondering if anyone has had an experience similiar to this one and if anyone has some advice.

Before I close, I'd just like to say that I don't mind paying for new carpet for the apartment. It was our dogs who peed on it, however, I think $1400 is a little extreme. Please, let me know your thoughts.
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All our Narnia DVDs

So now that we've established that, no, we will not be getting our Narnia DVDs or Newlywed Sex Kits, what can we do about it?

Is anyone out there in LJ land a lawyer who knows if switching prices after the fact of ordering all my shit from $0 to several hundreds of dollars is illegal?

And if boke the law, and screwed over so many of us Seattlites, would one of you lawyers take up a class action on our behalf and get us the value of our ordered products and or get them to ship me my shiat?

I am truly curious, we ordered a TON of shiat of that site.
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Emergency at UW?

Anybody know what's going on around UW? Heard lots and lots of sirens around 11:45, there's a helicopter circling the area- I walked the area around the dorms and business school and couldn't see anything. Anybody know any more than I do?
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Get and plant a FREE tree!

As part of the Mayor's Fall Tree Planting challenge, City of Seattle residents can request a free tree (supplies limited, one tree per household) beginning September 7 to plant in their yard.

Trees will be available for pick-up at two locations on October 28. After submitting the form within the link above, you will be sent or emailed a coupon to bring when you pick up your tree.
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Sustainable Living

This weekend, the intentional community crystals align at Bastyr University, north of Kirkland, to cast healing, radiant light on:
  • Cohousing, Housing Cooperatives, Collectives
  • Facilitation, Mediation, Consensus
  • Ecological Assessments, Ethical Consumption
  • Ecovillages, Bioregionalism, Bio-Diesel, Permaculture
This is the real deal, hippy. If you aren't being the change, you're gonna get left behind. Check it.
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Yes I checked the memories but everything relating to this is kinda old so i was curious if anyone has some new ideas. My best friend is planning on coming out here so we can celebrate our 21st b-days together since they are a day apart. I'm looking for some good places to go, but that are 18+ since our designated driver is only 19. Thanks!