September 5th, 2006

{HP} Hermione

Jake needs a new home.

Jake found a home! Thanks to everyone!

Unfortunately, my 1 and a half year old miniature beagle will be needing a new home. :( I was hoping that my work schedule would get much more lenient and that I would have so much more time for the little guy, but it's not fair leaving him at my urban apartment all day when I am sure there is someone else out there who will love him just as much as I do!

Jake is a total sweetheart, rarely chews on anything he isn't supposed to, is potty trained/house trained and crate trained. He listens to "sit," "stay," and "come here". He enjoys cuddling and is a terrific bed buddy. He'll bark at strangers, but calms down once he gets to know them. He's exciteable right when you arrive home after being gone, but is usually very mellow. Jake is a purebred beagle, and though he isn't registered AKC I do have his papers.

Available to a good home for a negotiable adoption fee. Will also receive all the supplies I have (pet food, nature's miracle odorizer, rawhide chews, his toys, a crate, leash, etc.). Please comment here if interested, or e-mail

Holiday Party ideas?

Ack! I need help! I'm trying to plan our company's holiday party. I have a few places in mind, but we want it to be low-key, casual, fun, and alcoholic. I've already called The Garage and they are booked! So, I'm looking for some place like the Garage in any of the Seattle neighborhoods that perhaps you or your company have had experience with for holiday shin-digs. There are a few places I have in mind already, but ... MORE suggestions, s'il vous plait!?
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Visiting Seattle from overseas next month

Hi! I'm an Aussie girl visiting Seattle from the 14th-30th October for a business trip. I'll probably be busy during most weekdays but will free on weekends and evenings. I'm staying in the u-district. I've not been to the US before.

So anyway, am planning what to do with my spare time. I've done the usual googling, browsed memories here. I just found craigslist so that's next to trawl through. But just wanted some advice from locals, and to get suggestions about anything I've missed.

Firstly, I'm a tourist so I'll be doing the usual touristy things. On my list is Pike Place, the zoo and aquarium, the needle, Uwajimaya. Any recommendations on good/bad times/days to go to these?

I'm a bit of a foodie. Any festivals or things like that while I'm there?

Tipping - how the heck does that work? I get the impression it's for taxis, meals (apart from fast food), bars... right?

Transport - I'm having enough trouble trying to figure out how the city works with the different areas and the street name stuff, letting alone trying to get from A to B in those places. I did find this site which is probably useful but I don't think I'll know til I get there and actually try to use it. Any other tips?

I don't drink coffee ;) and I get the impression that my kind of music isn't huge in Seattle (breaks/electro/house) but that's not a big deal - I won't be heading out to try and find that sort of stuff on my own, and if I go out with business people it'll likely be to something jazz-ish which I will happily listen to.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any advice, Seattle peoples :)

Does anyoneknow of-

Any programs where you can find free tutors?

I'm considering entering a homeschool program, but I would definately need to be seeing a tutor once a week to help keep me on track and for help with- umm, understanding stuff, and don't know about being able to afford one.

So does anyone know of places around Seattle that offer tutoring to highschool students for free?