September 4th, 2006

Deja Vu Display posters-

Does anyone know what Deja Vu does with thier display posters when they're done with them?

I called, and they said they don't sell them, but they have one in their window as an ad that I want, and I'm trying to figure out some way to get it (because they don't have it on ebay).

downtown for a day

sup y'all?

i'm heading back down to portland on the 5th. what's a damnportlander to do in downtown seattle, that's (really) cheap, whilst waiting for the 2:20pm amtrak train to portland?
i think i should prolly be at the station by 1pm (they said to be there an hour before in pdx) and i plan on being in the area by 9am or so.

thanks for any input that you may have!

Shoreline to Kirkland by bus?

Yet another newbie-type question: How does one get from Shoreline to Kirkland via bus? The cross-streets are: Dayton Ct. and 128th CT (Shoreline) and 112th St  NE and 178th Pl NE in Kirkland? My husband can't figure it out...


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(no subject)

so is anyone else having a cellphone issue, or just me and cingular??
I haven't been able to get a reception or calls or much of anything since noon....

EDIT: looks like things are working again......and we get no credit got thru to cingular....apparently has to be down for a really long period of time, and this was affecting ANYONE with a washington number regardless of where you are at and Qwest was having the same issue. If you have Qwest you probably had the same problem



I'm asking for dermatologist recommendations for a friend. He's seen been having some skin irritations that did not go away after a few treatments with his previous dermatologist. He's got rashes and is constantly itchy. It's possible he's developed new allergies, but I think it's just safer to get advice from a well trusted specialist.

I've suggested that he use some organic lotions without any chemicals. I think maybe a spa treatment might be helpful, but I don't have any clue if those things actually do anything. Does anyone have some homeopathic advice for skin rashes?