September 2nd, 2006

  • raina

Missing friend request.

Go ahead and flame me, i have checked google countless times over the years searching for him. Does anyone know a Mr. Roger Dettmar? he worked at earthlink (in factoria) before the round of layoffs? He was also a regular of the merc and the vogue. I would love to be in contact with him again. he had a health concern years ago, that i know he is still dealing with. I hope it hasnt taken him. He was a good friend. I cant help wonder if it hasnt
and my search is in vain.
If anyone does know him. Tell him raina is looking for him and pas along my info. Or if anyone has his ICQ number. I would love it. in either case. thanks for the help.

(no subject)

Assuming one would want to go from Seattle to the coast of Washington, where along the coast would one go to enjoy a day by the beach? Well, maybe not to much the beach, but a good look at the ocean? What would be the easiest way (by car) to get there?

Edit: Emphasis is definately on the ocean part instead of coast.
omg sars

missing dog

Fawn colored Italian(miniature) Greyhound ran away on 1st ave W. and Mercer at about 8pm on 9/1. His name is Fernando. He's wearing a black collar with no tags. Please contact Shane at 206.291.6367.

please everyone keep an eye out for fernando.

EDIT: fernando has been found!

"Cheap" Bumbershoot ticket

Hello-- I bought two tickets at the $25 price for bumbershoot (normally $30 I believe) and I am only going to be using one of them. Anyone want to buy one for $25?

I will sell it to you for $20 if you can meet me somewhere near bothell, juanita or kirkland.

email louise.marie AT

Thank you!

(if this post is inappropriate, i apologize... )