August 30th, 2006

Any good Train museums?

My Dad's in town for a visit and he is a railroad buff, are there any good Train museums and or Hobby shops that you know of?  The only one I know of is in Fall City but he actually went to that one that last time he was out.

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My husband and I arrived in Seattle yesterday. I need some help. I am moving into our new place in Shoreline today, and I have a job interview in Bremerton tomorrow. How do I get there? Googling uses roads, not ferries, and says that it takes a crazy amount of time (like 2 hours). Thanks!

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State Supreme Court petitioned over DOMA ruling

A petition is in place asking the Supreme Court to reconsider its decision against gay marriage.

"The court's reliance on the tie between procreation and marriage does not make sense," Lawrence said. "Many opposite-sex couples get married with no intention of having children, and many same-sex couples do in fact raise children." (Times)

"They couldn't show any reason how it could hurt opposite-sex couples if same-sex couples get married, or why same-sex couples' children wouldn't equally benefit if their parents could get married," said Jon Davidson, a lawyer with the gay rights group Lambda Legal. (P.I.)

Chief Justice Alexander is up for reelection this year; if this is important to you, I'm sure a call to him urging him to consider the petition would be appropriate.

Jonathan Coulton

just putting this out there in case someone knows a booker or is one.

Jonathan Coulton will be in Seattle for a benefit Friday night at Bumbershoot. he would be willing to play somewhere Saturday night as well if there's a venue available.

from his website:

At there are 50-something demanders for a show, so I’ll make this offer: if anyone can somehow find an appropriate venue that still, impossibly, has a slot open this Saturday night, I’ll play it. If you know a booker (or are a booker) email me and we’ll talk. I’m doing a radio interview on KUOW on Friday, so I’ll have that opportunity to promote it.

this is the guy who wrote Code Monkey and Skullcrusher Mountain. it would be great to hear a full show instead of just an appearance in a slate full of other artists. (songs page here.)

EDIT: success!
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drip drip drip

Well, not really, but does anyone have reccomendations for plumbers who do installations and repair in the South Sno County area? I have some names from google and the phone book, but I'd like personal input.

Amateur older nonwhite guy needed for photo shoot

I'm hoping someone out there can help with a project (for work). We're looking for someone who could pass for being a corporate sales guy in his 50's, and would strongly prefer to hire an African American man for this project, but would consider other races as well. This would entail an hour-long photo shoot on the East Side. We've contacted agencies in the area, and their prices don't make it feasible. We have a small budget for this project, just not the several hundred an hour (!) that it costs to get an older black male model in Seattle... and we're fine not having a model--we just need a guy in a suit & tie.

You can send mail to johanna722 at gmail dot com if you are interested--please include a photo of yourself. Thanks in advance for your help.

Seriously, this is for a work project, so please keep the flames to a dull roar. I expect this post may bring up a discussion on racial issues in Seattle (like our lack of diversity), and that's welcome as long as people are polite & respectful to each other. If it gets out of control, I'll probably have to delete the post. Thanks again!
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(no subject)

Right now there are 366 rental properties listed on the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NwMLS) in King County
32 of them are under 1000.00 a month.
If you are interested in finding out more about these rental properties, send me email at

GMAT and CFA books

I know this is a long shot but:
Does anyone have some GMAT books laying around and is willing to sell them to me?
Also I am passing my level I examination for the CFA and was wondering if anybody has passed it and has their study material laying around as well ;)

Thanks in advance.

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Seattle walks

I live in the Greenwood area, and while I was on a walk, I found some really excellent front yards just bursting with flowers. I started thinking it would be cool to compile a list of local walks of various lengths and styles that locals have happened upon.

So, post here if you've been on a great walk lately! Anything from general neighborhoods to specific routes is welcome.


End of Summer: Three Views of Bumbershoot

Yep. It's that time of year again. The end of the summer. Bumbershoot.

If you're a fan of photography (specifically live music photography, portraiture and reportage), please stop by Seattle Center's Fidalgo Room and say hello. William Anthony, Bradley Hanson and I will be there, with our work on display.

End of Summer: Three Views of Bumbershoot

"End of Summer: Three Views of Bumbershoot" will be presented from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 2 through Monday, Sept. 4, at Seattle Center's Fidalgo Room.

If you can't deal with the crowds and the kids and noise and the roasted corn on the cob, the Bumbershoot Gala is Friday (which is free to the public) and open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

We'd love to have you.

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(no subject)

Any information on what was going on downtown today?

I think maybe someone got hit by a bus or something at 3rd and Pine? Right in front of Macy's. All the busses in the area weren't moving, and the block was cordoned off, and a few minutes later I saw a camera crew recording an officer interviewing a guy squatting in an alleyway down on Pike and 4thish.
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food festival

Is this Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw Food Festival worth going to? I have heard bad things about similar festivals in other cities (not enough food, too many people to be able to see/do/eat much), but know nothing about this one. I have a vegetarian house guest this weekend I was considering taking, but she's only in Seattle for a short period of time, so I am wondering if our time would be better spent elsewhere.