August 29th, 2006

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Though it's not operational yet, I noticed this morning that there are now left turn signals installed on Pine and Broadway for Pine traffic. It's about freaking time.
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I own two suits and am looking to find a shop that will either buy them or allow me to trade or receive an in store credit for them. Anyone know of any shops in the seattle area that may do this? I am hoping to exhaust other resources before trying craigslist.

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From the PSBJ:

Travelers on Washington highways now can check road conditions and get travel information on their computers at 28 state rest stops.

The Washington state Department of Transportation (WSDOT) said it's established wireless Internet service at 28 of the state's 42 rest areas by partnering with Road Connect Inc. of Austin, Texas.

Motorists can stop at one of the wireless-enabled rest stops, fire up their computer and check travel information, such as road conditions, for free through the WSDOT's Web site. If they want to check e-mail or visit other Web sites, they must subscribe to Road Connect, which costs $1.99 for 20 minutes, or $3.99 a day.

Road Connect currently provides a similar service at rest stops in Texas and Oregon.

"We believe tourists, travelers and truckers will find this information invaluable," said Doug Pierce, the Transportation Department's maintenance and operations manager, in a statement.

Rest areas in the state with the new wireless service can be found at

$1.99 for 20 minutes? Still beats AOL.

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Vashon Island

Hey, Seattlites

My sig. other and his brother and I were thinking about taking the ferry over from West Seattle to Vashon Island tonight, just for a relaxing evening out. I live in West Seattle, so I was thinking about parking at Lincoln Park and just being a walk-on passenger, and then walking around Vashon.

But is this a good idea? Is there anything of interest, even just a beach or something within say 20 min. of the ferry docks on Vashon? Any restaurants? Worth the $4 just for a pretty ferry ride at sunset?

Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!
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African pygmy hedgehog?

Checked the memories, but the most "exotic" pet there was ferrets.

I'm looking to acquire an African pygmy hedgehog, but am having a bit of a hard time finding information about a reputable local source, and I'd rather not put one through the experience of being shipped! I know at one point some Petcos in the area carried them, but (a) they don't seem to anymore, and (b) I'd prefer a hedgie that came from an environment that was a little more personal and involved than the big chain pet stores can be.

Any recommendations?

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This might be a long shot, but..has anyone ever ridden at Gold Creek Equestrian Center, in Woodinville? (I want to start riding again, within a half hourish drive of Seattle, in either Woodinville or Kirkland. At a large, well run training stable.)

Or, can anyone direct me to an equestrian network/website having to do with Washington that's actually active or informative?
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I am going to get the battery replaced in my old 20G Ipod. I'm buying a new one and won't be needing the old one. So would anyone want my 'new' old one for $150? No shipping, I hate the post office, we'll meet downtown or somthing.

Two Inquiries

1) I have some old protest footage on VHS tapes. I would like to get this transfered to some digital format. I checked the memories but they mainly referenced "real film" and I'm not sure if VHS tapes actually qualify. Yes, go ahead and flame me.

2) I know that tipping baristas has been discussed, but I was curious about your opinions regarding tipping other services, particularly facials (hehe) and hair cutting/coloring. I have always tipped 20% in other cities where I lived, but when it comes up in discussions here in Seattle, that seems to be on the higher end.

Much thanks in advance. Good evening.